Friday, 29 August 2014

Getting robbed, vans breaking down and other tourtrouble

Unfortunately it seems to get more and more standard than ever that bands vans get robbed or airlines losing equipment. I know how much a guitar can mean to a person and some are irreplaceable. So if you leave your van outside, and to sleep inside, at night take your 'girlfriend' with you. Because it's better to sleep with a guitar in your sleeping bag than losing it to people that take it from your van.
But I'm not really sure if you can do a lot to prevent getting your instruments lost by airlines. The only thing I can think of might be renting your backline in the same area that you get your rented van and only bring your guitar, bass, personal microphone, snare drum, sticks and picks and keep it at that. Or maybe you can use the backline of your friends in the city/country that you're going to play in.

That's why I have to show you a few bands again that can need your help now.
But if you rather help another good cause, then by all means do that. I'm happy that you want to help, any good cause is better off with your help, no matter how small your donation might be. But here some bands, (that you can find now in my tab "Contribute to help bands and projects"), that need help for broken down vans or bands that simply want to release a new cd and need money for that:

The van of Allegaeon broke down.
Allegaeon: Allegaeon are going on tour to support Arsis next week, but ofcourse on this 'moment suprême' their van is calling it quits. If you want to donate a bit to help them out so that they can rent a van to complete this tour or have a start on a new (secondhand) van, that would be very much appreciated. Please just send some money to their Paypal-account

Just 2 days left to buy an awesome Trigger Happy shirt and help the family of the late Mark Gibson.
Almighty Trigger Happy: Unexpectedly and unfortunately the guitarist of this band died last year and now this campaign is started to help the wife and son with covering the bills following this tragedy. If you can, please help out:

Nerf Herder a re hard working on their new cd and even if they reached their goal already...touring will cost money too (or their next cd).
Nerf Herder: Pledge to help the band make their new album

Honestly I don't even know the music these guys make, but I can imagine they're devastated and desperate after some bastards robbed them of almost everything except from the things they wear. Sirens And Sailors: I don't know this band actually or the music that they make, but they're stranded in a strange country and their robbed of literally all their stuff. Help them out if you can or want. You don't wish this on any band or person that is on tour.
Read here: 
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would be so kind as to please take the time to read this, it could make a gigantic difference in our lives today.

It is every bands nightmare to come back to their van and see that it has been broken into and robbed, and today that nightmare has become reality for us. To add to it, we are overseas in completely foreign territory feeling more helpless than ever. 

Every single dollar we brought with us, every single penny that we have earned over the past month of touring overseas has been stolen. Licenses, credit cards, essential medical supplies, laptops, electronic equipment, even down to our toiletries, GONE. In a matter of minutes, our livelihood has been taken from us. Our dream come true has become the exact opposite.

We have always been against starting a kick starter or any sort of band funding besides playing shows and selling merch, like any touring band should earn their keep. We have done it successfully for years now, but today we have no choice, and no other option.

If you would like to help us in any sort of way, whether it's something as easy as sharing this post so others can see it, or if you would like to donate to help us in any amount you can, here is our PayPal information to do so:

PayPal account:

Please click "Friends & Family" so you do not get taxed for your donation.

There are really no words to describe what we are feeling at this moment, and we are so grateful for all of you and the support you have given us throughout the years. Thank you.


I assure you, helping others make you feel good too, but don't do it to expect something back. Do it to genuinely help out and make a difference even if it's just a little donation you can make. A lot of 'little' donations also can give a very big endresult!

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