Saturday, 18 March 2017

Lots of bands deserve your attention

Actually, I think all the bands that I write about deserve your attention. But I don't simply write about bands because I'm friends with them. Because even if I'm not (close) friends with bands and bandmembers, I can even see clearly from a distance', how hardworking these bands are and therefore yes that is one of the reasons I want to help them out to get them more known. Other reasons are because they make great music, they're nice and sincere people. And must I always talk about the passion, yes, because that, that is the thing what attracts a real musiclover to a band, the passion and...honestly also the interaction with he fans. As a band, I personally respect a band more that knows that it has the fans to thank for their succes. I mean, it has to come both ways ofcourse. Fans would travel that extra 20 km (or 100 or more) if you appreciate them as well. As fans we can certainly understand that not every day is a good day, that you're tired as hell, especially on tour, it does a person, a fan, good to be recognized, to be appreciated for spending money and free time. You can be succesfull and humble at the same time. Make contact with your fans,and as a big band, don't always depend on 'VIP-tickets' to meet your fans, because even your biggest fans might not to be able to afford them.
Lots of small bands doing it right, the fans are the key, go out and meet them! 
Respect and love works both ways.

Here some bands that I wanted to tell you about today:

Authority Zero, they're a US-band that makes, as lots of media likes to call it: reggaepunk. I guess it's a good name for it, but in my book, as you know, I just have two 'genres': what I like and what I don't like. And these guys are awesome. Past summer they rocked Brakrock ecofest so hard and Pikachu pika'd (or how would you call it?) like crazy! PunkRockHoliday was where I saw them after that, well what can I say: AMAZING! A circlepit with Jason (the singer) in the middle singing and Dan (the guitarist) stagediving. Magical show. Even the year before at Jera On Air they've already made a big impression on me and that show was far from what I saw last year, but so good already, they've seen to have grown so much in just one year.
If you can see them live this year, don't hesitate to go, because you won't be disappointed.
A new album of them is on the way.
See them here at PunkRockHoliday past year:

Have I told tou guys before about Magnacult? This is a Dutch metalband and damn Seb the singer can leave you stunned with his growl and grunts, wow. I traveled to the other side of my country for them. Their was a great festival, but honestly I was looking forward the most to see them playing in a little club after the festival. And it was awesome, with a weird stage high above the crowd (even though I was standing even higher than them on the side), and wow yes, just what I needed! Worth the 5 hours on the train. 
Their new album 'Infinitum' will be out on May 12th.
Here is the first video of the upcoming album:

So, the last time I was in South America to see (yes, there you have them again) Satanic Surfers, I got to know an awesome new band. Well, new for me I mean. They're called Straightline, they're from Germany and they would fall in the category of thrashpunk or punkthrash (however fits you the best, I just give you these categories so that you can decide for yourself if it's worth to spend your time on, even if I think you should..😊). Well, maybe you knew I do like thrash a lot, so this seems like a great combination in theory, skatepunk and thrash. And honestly it is a great combo. 

Their new album is out and you can listen to it here:
They're doing lots of shows this spring and summer, so go out and show some support if you like them. Here you can find the dates:
(And that goes for all the bands you like: go out and show your support #gotoashow). 

A Dutch band that already exists for years and years, but certainly doesn't always get the recognition and certainly not the attention they should have is Bambix. They travel all around Europe and sometimes a little off route to South America, but mostly Germany and the countries around it. Over all these years there may have been some changes in line-up, but that hasn't compromized their punksound. Still good and still playing often and with lots of fun after all these years. So this is yet another band that you have to go see live.

This is one video of their show that I saw in december in Nijmegen, NL:

Most of my travels to bands are absolutely worth it. I might have a lack of sleep often, but these shows keep me alive. This is my big love, this is what keeps me sane and one of the main reasons to be alive and well on this planet.

Maybe I keep repeating things over the years in my posts, but I know not everyone has read all my posts over the years and good things have to be repeated so that they stick in your head and to let all my new readers show some good bands or info they missed before.