Sunday, 19 February 2017

It's a fucking epidemic!

Hey guys, I've talked about this before, but unfortunately I have to bring this to tour attention again...
Don't leave your gear, personal things and merch unattended, even in a closed van! Please bring it inside the venue, the place where you are crashing for the night or let someone sleep next to the gear and things because it...well it seems like an epidemic right about now. It's already hard to get over your loss if it's your merch since that was your gas- and foodmoney (or even more than that). But think about when your personal stuff gets stolen, things that can't be replaced, because you got it from a person important to you, or it is one of a kind or because you didn't make a back-up (make back-ups  people!! Get an external harddisk, a dozen pendrives, whatever, but do something please, so you haven't lost everything with no chance of getting it back..).

Help these bands and musicians out by keeping an eye out in pawnshops, on instrumentsellingwebsites on the internet or simply just word of mouth. 
You can give them also some help by donating on the go-fund-me pages that their friends have opened for them. If you can look out and/or donate, it will be highly appreciated.

Here are the latest victims that I know of:

Guttermouth got their van robbed in Houston/TX, US

Malignancy got their van robbed in the Netherlands.

Counterpunch's van got robbed in

Immortal Bird's whole van with everything in it (gear and all merch) got stolen

Bryan Beller's storage place got broken into and robbed.

This guy could really use your help as well:

Here also some pawnshoplistings in California