Tuesday, 21 June 2016

This was just the start of the summer

Wow, this tour in Spain of Good Riddance with the Satanic Surfers and Blowfuse was just awesome! I saw three shows and covered many miles with all kinds of transport. I had a bad cold, but that only kept me from seeing all the touristic stuff and not the Satanic Surfers and Good Riddance ofcourse! 
I even did a detour through Germany to see Billy Liar and Freddy Fudd Pucker. Why? Because music is what I love and it's my life. And they're both pretty damn good. It's surely not skatepunk, but acoustic (folk)punk is certainly on my good music list (and the bad music list I just don't pay attention to, too much good music I need to listen to!!). And is was surely worth the detour, I loved every second of that evening/night over there in Kiel, DE.
In Spain I didn't only see Satanic Surfers and Good Riddance, but I catched up with my friends of the Water Rats in Valencia. Unfortunately that was the only show I saw there of them, but okay you can't have it all (apparently hahaha).
That's that about my last musictrip, of which you can find some livevideos on my YouTube.

You already know Nuclear from Chile right? Well, there's another metalband from Chile that I'd like you to meet and that's: Lefutray. They also make excellent thrash that you need to check out.
They're finally making the jump over the mountains and the ocean to tour Europe and they'll include Russia in that tour too. If you have the chance go check them out live. And if you can help them with some tourdates, just send a message to: felipe@ferroda.cl

Pennywise is going to do a big tour in North America together with Strung Out, Unwritten Law and Runaway Kids. They'll crash in a lot of cities from the end of september until the begin of november. Well, I can say this about a lot of tours and festivals, but again: great line-up, Pennywise ofcourse, the awesome Strung Out and then Unwritten Law yeah, don't miss it. So much to see and so little time hihihi.

Did I ever tell you a bit about the stonerrockband Komatsu? They're from the Eastern part of the Netherlands and I got to know them, ehhh I guess a few years ago and I finally saw them live for the first time on Recordstoreday this year in Eindhoven, NL. And as I suspected, they're just as good live as I thought they would be. Now I just need a full concert!!
Here's a video of that day with the new single: https://youtu.be/TFo9c3zZkf0
They're releasing their new album at the stage at the Blue Collar Hotel in Eindhoven, NL on September 23rd.

Right now, at this moment, Napalm Death is touring South America. They'll be playing in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.
All I can say is: If you can, go to a concert and show your support!

Oh and let's not forget about Despite from Sweden, who have a livestreaming of their new video for the song "Awakening" this thursday, june 23rd.
On their Facebook you can find the info about the livestreaming:
I liked the metal from these guys from Sweden from the first time I heard them and it surely took a lot of hard work and years of dedication, but now they're signed to Eclipse Records and bringing out their new album on July 22nd, so keep your eyes and ears open.