Thursday, 5 June 2014


Reunions of bands can be so awesome. Some are good, some are bad, but still we want to see them that one more time. Just to see if the feeling is still there that they gave you with their music or because you remembered that the shows were always so great. 
I just saw Prong (prongmusic) a few months ago. I don't know if he ever really stopped with the band (Mr. Victor I mean), but it felt like a reunion, but I knew when I saw them again it was more like a resurrection. And no not like the Walking dead or something, but more like a phoenix, all revived and like new. Because wow they were awesome live, truly awesome. When I think back of the show that I saw at the Patronaat in Haarlem, NL...oh I still smile, what a show. 
The Police too by the way, that is some years ago too. They were pretty good. Not that I like big arenas, smaller venues give a better feeling musicwise. It feels like you're more part of it, like it's you and the band and not you, thousands of others and oh yeah..the band too. If you like the Police, Sting's old band but you miss the vibe and the feeling of old times or want to get the idea how a Police-show would have been when they were younger..then I recommend a show of Fiction Plane (fictionplane), so good. Just like how the Police would have been and they made so many great songs already.
Just was in London last week, but I got just back in time to see one reunion show of The Travoltas (therealtravoltas), oh my, I have missed these guys so much, unbelievable. This feelgood surfpunk is so addictive. And I totally remember again why I always followed them to see so many concerts as possible.
One band I would really like to see again is Pulley (pulleymatters). They already did some shows again, but mostly in the USA. If I remember correctly they were here in Europe last year and I unfortunately had to miss them, since I was not in Europe and I felt quite bad about it. Well you know, because I love them, like I love so many bands but okay I love music, it's my true passion, I can't help it. At least this year Ten Foot Pole (tenfootpole) is coming to Europe and that makes me superhappy too, since Ten Foot Pole/Pulley are like twins, not because they look too much alike, but still they belong together, one way or the other. 
I can not forget the band that toured with a band I love very much, the Satanic Surfers, and they are called: The Almighty Trigger Happy (The-Almighty-Trigger-Happy). They play awesome punkrock and they have tunes and give shows you won't forget. They just started again with playing this year and I really hope that I can see them playing live, even if that means that I have to visit Canada for that.
Whoa the rest of the year my ears are going to hate me so many good bands (not all are reunions) coming this way: Only Crime (officialonlycrime), Prong again, Ten Foot Pole, Richie Kotzen (richiekotzen), Ignite, OFF! (offband), Kataklysm again, Havok again too, Hatebreed, Chimaira (chimaira) and I can go on. And comeback albums are not all bad, they're not doomed to fail on beforehand and they are not all done for the money. When music is in your blood it's often what you HAVE to do, simply because you need to. It's a feeling inside that musicians will know.


Cherish your friends, because one day they just dislike you for no good reason. No matter if you were a good friend or not, they just don't want to see it. Their heads so filled with other stuff that they don't even care about a friend that genuinely cares about them, annoying or not. I hope this person finds the way back to the amazing friendship that we had, before it's too late. I miss you.