Thursday, 26 May 2016

New interview and more

Yeah finally a new interview! I did a really nice little interview with Billy Liar yesterday in Belgium. Was about time again hahaha. Watch it here:

Billy Liar is on tour right now in Europe with Freddy Fudd Pucker.

May 27 in Obersulmetingen, DE
May 28 in F├╝rth, DE
May 29 in Hamburg, DE
May 31 in Kiel, DE
June 1 in Bielefeld, DE
June 2 in Hannover, DE
June 3 in Leipzig, DE
June 4 in Berlin, DE.

Next week the tour of Good Riddance and Satanic Surfers (and Blowfuse) in Spain will start and wow you all should be so excited as I am, this is an awesome line-up and tour. This is a good time to get to know Spain and have some great shows at the same time! Yeah I guess it's fair to say Satanic Surfers is my favourite band, but you guys knew that already I think hahahaha.

And yessss the Water Rats are back in Europe right as I write this. Okay it's only Portugal and Spain and unfortunately not more countries, but hey, they're here and that's good! They even play at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona and that's great for them!

Yes, sorry for the people that only love metal, but you know I love punk, metal and so much more! So, so far lots of talking about punkrock today..but some metalnews too!

Despite, from Sweden, has signed a recorddeal with Eclipse records and they'll bring out their new album "Synergi" on July 22nd.
You can already pre-order the album:

And see the new video "As you bleed" right here:

If you love festivals, this weekend in Las Vegas, US there's a treat for you. It's finally time for the PunkRockBowling and if you're there you're crazy to miss this! So many bands, so many.

These are just a few bands that are playing there:

I will return with a new and old bands to check out soon! 
Enjoy and go to a show!!