Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I wish you all a great 2015 with a lot of great music and a lot of great shows too!
Be prepared for the new, great thing that I'm adding on my YouTube channel soon (and this will be just the first of many). And I still will be adding more livevideos I made too ofcourse. 
Just be openminded and check the bands I tell you about, when you can, because they're good and deserve your attention. 
And in 2015 spend your time with the people important to you and the music you love ofcourse!
See you with a new post! 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Satanic Surfers! and new bands to check out!

First some very good news, the Satanic Surfers are back!!!!! Well at least they are for a show on the Resurrection Fest in Spain! I think it's about time I visit Spain, don't you think? But let's hope they do more than just one show!

Now I want to give you some new bands to listen to and maybe one or a few ones you didn't know yet.
I recently found a very nice punkband from Italy, called Alleyways. They have not one but 2 singers. Not something that's has never seen or done before, but that doesn't make it any less good. Just give it a try and take a listen to these awesome guys from Italy who just released their debutalbum a few months ago (september).

Now something completely different, stonerrock. Already a few months ago I got to know this band thanks to my Instagram and my big musicsource called Twitter (I found so many great bands there) and that band is called Crobot and they released their album Something Supernatural a while ago this year.
They're a bit crazy, as it should be, being normal is just so normal.
These guys make, this rock is good, got me hooked since the first time I listened to it. Absolutely no need to be high to listen to this band. 
Well, no, just open the page, fill your cd-player or get your vinylplayer and spin that awesome shit!

You can already listen to these bands while I get to think about a few more bands and find some time while travelling to write about it.
And think about this, every band is worth a listen, even if it turns out it's not your style or you simply don't like it. Broaden your musical horizon.

Monday, 15 December 2014

While in Chile

I know it has been a while, sometimes life gets in the way and the planning of my trip to see friends and concerts took all my time too. 

So here I am in Chile now, where I saw Nuclear live last night. And it was awesome! It was a short, but sweet show, but you know some shows will never be long enough.

I hope to show you some new things on my YouTube channel soon and not only new livevideos, but you'll see when I'm ready with that. I think it will be a very nice extra on my channel there. And I hope to improve that every time ofcourse (I'm not a music-beginner, but with blogs, videos and stuff I still am).

I will update the concertdates as soon as I have time and wifi again, which can be difficult when you travel and want to see a lot.

Will you wait until the band you like maybe will play your city or are you prepared to travel around your country or even cross (far away) borders to see them live? If you are able travel around, I would say do it! Nothing better than new places, new sights, new experiences, new friends and seeing the band you love. Not that it's all fun always, some things go wrong ofcourse. I for example, totally couldn't find a venue I was supposed to visit to see Atlas Losing Grip. It was kind of embarrasing, but some days...well, some days can better be over quickly hahaha. But for every bad day thousands of good and awesome ones.

So 2015 is approaching quickly and I can tell you some albums that I'll be looking forward to:

The new Atlas Losing Grip, that is released on January 16th is one I was eagerly waiting on. Can't wait for great great music and Rodrigo's voice, yes!!

Also, ofcourse I'm can't wait to have the new Nuclear album in my hands. The  magicians of awesome oldschool thrash with the amazing riffs, are supposed to release a new album in 2015 as well, so I'm already excited for this! 

Ah yes, my friends from Fuzi and Anzol as well, are  still working on their albums, so I expect 2015 will be their year also. If it doesn't matter to you that they sing in Portuguese, and you like punkrock and rock'n'roll from the heart, than you surely need to check their new stuff next year!

Another punkrelease to look forward to is the new Versus The World-album. Can't wait to see these guys giving their all live the stage again and the new album should be great as always! No doubt in my mind about that. 

Let's not forget the thrash/deathkings of Amsterdam called Seita, 2015 should be their year as well. If I remember correctly the new album will be released in the first part of 2015 and these guys will blow you away with their songs if you give them a chance in your record-/cd-player (and on stage ofcourse).

The punkveterans of Good Riddance are I'm the studio again as well, so I think we might expect the new album of them in 2015 too! That would be so good to hear some new things next to the already impressive discograpy they already have.

I'm probably forgetting loads of bands and I'm sorry for that, but hey I'm on vacation ;-).