Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tours tours tours

As always, luckily, there are a lot of tours on the way or already happening. As an excited concertvisitor I'm happy about that. I'll give you some tours that you can expect or that are already on their way.
And since you never know what happens tomorrow, the world is a beautiful, but crazy place (and life just happens): GO when you can go to a show! If you can't find a companion to go with you: GO ALONE. You are there at a venue for one main reason and that is to see the band (and to show them your support). Also, who knows, maybe you'll make lots of new friends.

Danko Jones starts another leg of Eurotour in Germany in a few days, as he did tour the UK and Scandinavia for the excellent album 'Fire Music' last few months. He will also visit the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium on this run. 
This rock'n'roll guitarmaster is one you just have to see on stage! If this guy doesn't want to make you want to sing along to even his magic fingerwork (on his guitar I mean..I don't know anything about the rest), than no one can.

Millencolin is on tour in South America right as we speak. These Swedish skatepunkers have been around for quite a while, but that doesn't stop them from doing what they love. Making music and touring, what else, I totally understand. 
Maybe this is a one time thing or maybe they'll return next year, you'll never know, just go.

This thursday H2O will start their US-tour for their new album 'Use your voice'. 
You had to wait a lot of years for this new album, but you and I know that their liveshows never suffered because of that. I mean, the liveshows where and will always be a big positive party, where you can't get enough of.

This is it for this post. I'll give you more tours that you have to keep your eye on, in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tournews for Europe, US and AU/NZ.

First some European tournews:

Eminence arrived in Europe a week and a half ago to start their European tour. They have been to Europe a few times before, but there's a good chance you have missed them on the stage. Then now is your chance when they visit a couple of cities in Eastern Europe, Germany and the Netherlands.

Chaos Synopsis is on tour in Europe now as well and they're almost finished with their tour, but you can still catch them live in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy this week or hope they return to where you live soon.

The guys from Strung Out already took the plane to mainland Europe over two weeks. Unfortunately without their singer Jason, but luckily he joined them a few days later. This was a weird start of the tour, but maybe you've witnessed or even joined in on a fun karaoke night with the rest of the band on one of the first dates. Now they've already did some great shows on Jera On Air, in Luxembourg city, Paris, London and more. Versus The World also joined them halfway in Berlin, DE. I wish I could've seen them together on stage more than once this tour, but at least I'm seeing them one time this upcoming weekend. And I recommend you to go see them on one of the remaining dates here in Europe too or when they visit your country. (Versus The World will be on tour in Australia and New Zealand in August with Good Riddance).

Yes for the US are interesting tours on the way too. From september on I have some nice tours you shouldn't miss. And remember, with going to shows and buying merch you help the bands you love the most.

First up Aristocrats who started their 'Tres caballeros'-tour this week. This trio with Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minneman as their members give great and funny liveshows with great musicianship. If you watched these guys once, you will come back for more. This is a treat, especially for the guitarlovers out there.

After that it's time for Krisiun, they are joined by Origin, Aeon and more supportbands on the 'Devastation of the nation'-tour. It will start in Crest Hill/IL on september the 4th. They will play in North America the whole month of september and few dates in october too.

And then Marty Friedman. Your bucketlist isn't complete if you're a guitarplayer or -lover (yes again :) and haven't seen him at least play live once. He'll be on North American soil in september as well and will give you guys over there a good amount of shows. (yes, if you love a band/musician it can never be enough, but you know what I mean). 
Don't let this master at guitar pass by without you trying to get to a show.

Australia and New Zealand, I haven't forgotten you. 
Next month, in August, Good Riddance will come your way again and they'll bring Versus The World along. I know the VTW guys couldn't be more stoked for this tour than you guys out there! Give these guys a bit of your spare time while they're there! 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Festivalseason has arrived in Europe

Yes, it's festivalseason again. At this moment I don't really like freezing away at night without sleep that much anymore. Or standing in line to take a shower or a mobile toilet. And while I can still put up my igloo tent without problems, camping is not so much my thing anymore. But it absolutely won't stop me from going to festivals if I like the line-up (my wallet stops me sometimes however hahahaha). So many other options like chalets, hostels or simply the back of a van or sometimes even a hotel. Yes it's much different than hanging out with your friends at the campingsite and more expensive unfortunately. But even if we stay 20 in our hearts forever, our bodies won't agree hihi. 
But as said that doesn't stop me from going, no way. An intimate show at a little venue can be more nice yes, but a festival is a totally different experience. Like for example Groezrock. So many awesome bands in one place. This festival is even so laidback that getting in touch with some bands is easy. I won't say all bands, but this is one amazingly fun big hangout for the bands and the visitors. I always meet a lot of friends there, so even if I go there on my own, I'm never alone. That's what I love about this particular festival.

Here in Europe we'll have Hellfest, Graspop Metal Meeting and the Hurricane Festival this weekend. There's also Jera On Air and that's where I'm going. But only for one day. Yes I want to see it hall, but ofcourse that's impossible. As I said before, here in Holland, and the same goes for a big part of Europe, we're spoiled with concerts. Even choosing is hard. For me even more since I love rock, metal, punk, ska and even more than that. 
It's still June, so this is actually just the start of the festivalseason (and it started here in Holland at Easter with Paaspop, if I'm correct).
In North America the Pouzzafest and Welcome to Rockville have just passed and this weekend there is the Amnesia Rockfest in Canada with a pretty damn good line-up. If you only needed the will to go to see a band or a festival, than I would be there.

But okay I'm really looking forward to finally see Strung Out and Lagwagon again today. And also Authority Zero and Millencolin.
By the way, I'm always looking out to get more interviews for my YouTube channel. But you have to wait a bit longer for some more. I have one interview by e-mail in the planning, so just keep an eye on my blog and you'll see a new interview-tab appear hopefully soon.

I have to go now to the festival, but I'll be back! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Check all the new music that is waiting for you!

Yeah I know that you had to wait long for a new post. But as I tell you often: friends and family (and sleep hahaha) first!

As always lots of new stuff is coming out and a lot of things are happening. I'll tell you a few things that you should check out if you want.

Today the new single (and video) of the new album of Nuclear came out on the website of Rockaxis. I was at their studio when they were rehearsing for this new album and be prepared for some awesome and brutal stuff! 
Oh I was getting pretty impatient waiting for it to come out and that while the guys made this album pretty damn quick. Enough talking, start listening!!

I've told you about the Water Rats before. This is awesome punkrock with two singers (and if you didn't hear their music yet, check it here: waterrats.bandcamp.com). 

The guys have found their way over the ocean o to the UK and they are touring the UK right now as we speak. Hey, I haven't even seen them live yet, so you are crazy if you miss them on tour now! 

The Scene, Swansea, UK

The Water Rats, London, UK

Last week the new video of Forka: 'Serra eletrica' came out as well. 

Forka is a band from the São Paulo area in Brazil and they make a mix of thrashmetal/deathmetal/hardcore and punk or however you like to call their style. But it's hard and it's good and that's what you need to remember.
This video is just a little part of what is waiting when the new cd is coming out!
Maybe there's even a little European tour waiting ;-) ;-) , keep your fingers crossed!!

Something different than a new cd, but surely worth your attention is the release of a musicbook. And this book is not to read, but to learn to play metal combined with samba on your guitar. The guitarist of Claustrofobia & Kroma-quartet made this book for the persons interested trying something new on their guitars: Brazilian music (like samba) combined with metal! This book might give you new inspiration for your guitarwork, so try something new: Brazilian metal for your guitar.
For more info or ordering the book, contact Alexandre de Orio here: alexandredeorio@yahoo.com.br 
or order here: www.znstore.com.br

For the punkrockers under us...it's almost time for Groezrock. (May 1-2 in Belgium). I know I got my ticket! Because man, you are always missing some good stuff if you don't visit that festival. This years line-up includes: Social Distortion, Satanic Surfers, Make Do And Mend, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Good Riddance, Frenzal Rhomb, Masked Intruder, Lagwagon, Agnostic Front, Suicide Silence, Off!, Iron Reagan, Gnarwolves, Cancer Bats, Millencolin and lots more that you can find out for yourself at the website right here:

If you want to see some good bands, but want a smaller festival, well consider going to Jera On Air (June 19-20 in the Netherlands)! A little festival in the Netherlands in June, but every year with pretty good names! This year with great bands like Strung Out, Authority Zero, Lagwagon, Millencolin, No Turning Back and A Day To Remember as well, amongst many others.

If you like to combine metal and hardcore, than wait a bit longer and visit Ieperfest (August 14-16 in Belgium), I missed a few editions, but this time I'm surely there again.
This year the line-up already includes: Sick Of It All, Biohazard, Black Tusk, Doom, Cryptopsy, Questions, Psycroptic, Entombed AD, Judge., and I can go on. Check it all here:

I also added a lot of new livevideos to my YouTube channel as well and if you haven't watched my interviews yet than I hope you will now. 
I always try to get new interviews, but sometimes all the luck is with me and sometimes not. Or I simply can't get tickets for a show haha. Ah well I'm sure I'll get you some new ones soon as well as a new post, but now enjoy all the stuff I offered today now first!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Concerts, concerts, concerts

As you may have noticed, I can't get enough of concerts. Sometimes it's even hard to choose which one to go to, since here in the Netherlands you have many shows to choose from every day and I like a lot of bands hahaha. But that's part of life too, making decisions and knowing that you can't have it all.
Yesterday I was at the Scumbash, in Rotterdam (NL), which you may have noticed already if you check my YouTube-channel every once in a while too (I uploaded an Exploited-video) and I haven't seen as many bands as I wanted, but I've enjoyed Four Headed Dog and The Exploited very much. But make sure to check out Batmobile, Disturbance, Monster Magnet and John Coffey. Awesome bands. Also some other videos have been added, but here's one of the Exploited live at the Scumbash.

I have not only uploaded an interview with the guitarist and the drummer of Nuclear in January, but also an interview with the singer/guitarist of Anzol (he's also the guitarist of Hateen), so if you want to get to know a little bit more about him, check it out.

I even wrote a new concertreview too as well, about the Atlas Losing Grip show I saw recently in Gouda (NL). I hope I can write more concertreviews for you guys soon. Just keep checking that concertreviews-tab to see if there's something new.

Well at least the upcoming part of the concertseason looks promising. Concerts coming up here in Europe of Kamchatka, Claustrofobia, Make Do And Mend, Lagwagon, Strung Out, The Scandals, Millencolin, Satanic Surfers, Social Distortion, John Coffey, Therapy?, Dog Eat Dog, Six Feet Under, Raised Fist and many many more. Festivalseason is about to start or already started (Scumbash) and I'm looking forward to Groezrock, Jera On Air and Ieperfest. More on my list, but it all depends on my ability to get days off hahaha.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Finally, the new addition to my YouTube channel

Remember, that I told you that I was going to add something new to my YouTube channel? Well, I didn't mean just some new videos that I made at shows, but something a bit different. 
So I've published it today and it is an interview with the band Nuclear from Santiago, Chile. 
It's not a professional thing (or not yet anyway haha), but just a DIY-thing done with my phone (although cutting the mistakes out in the editing program made the quality a bit less). 
But okay, this is just another way to help bands out with getting a bit more known to more people and hopefully you will like the bands I show you.
This is just the first interview of, what I hope, many more interviews. 
So just watch and enjoy!

And maybe you didn't notice yet, there are way more videos to watch at my channel. Back soon, with more music/bands right here! 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

This is going to be a good year!

So far this year seems to be a very good year musicwise. A week and a half ago the new Atlas Losing Grip album was released and last week John Coffey already had one of their releaseshows for their new album. And I'm looking forward to the new albums of Nuclear, Danko Jones, Strung Out, Anzol, Versus The World, Fuzi and Nerf Herder (and probably lots more that I forgot).

I'll start with an old band this time that you have to check if you don't know them yet. The name of the band is Ignite and they're from the US. I think I saw them for the first time on a festival many many years ago and I was addicted immediately. They play melodic harcore if you want to get an idea of the musicstyle. The album that got me into their music (besides the liveshows), was "Family"...such a great album. But what makes me love Ignite (and more bands too ofcourse, like for example the Satanic Surfers/Atlas Losing Grip with Rodrigo Alfaro), is the voice of Zoli. I fell in love with it, or whatever you want to call it. In my opinion it's an amazing voice. Let's hope the new album will be out soon!

Ofcourse I recommend to at least check the bands out that I highlight in my posts, but not everything might be your cup of tea ofcourse. That's fine, otherwise I could never get tickets for any show anymore, since everyone would love everything hahaha. Different tastes and different styles, the world would be boring if we would all love the same. Just love the music you love and the other music you don't like is not important, there are enough fans for that other stuff.

Then now I hope you want to check out Claustrofobia, a Brazilian metalband that plays a mix of death, thrash and hardcore. I heard their name before, but I just really started listening to their music recently. I should've started listening earlier hehe, but better late than never. The band started in 1996 in São Paulo and they're still playing together until now and in the meanwhile released 5 albums. They've already toured Brazil ofcourse and also been in Europe twice. In fact, that will be three times soon, because in april they will return to Europe.
So if they're playing in your neighbourhood or when you are prepared to travel a bit then check these guys out live!

Okay now back to punkrock again. 
I got to know these awesome dudes a few years ago when I visited the Groezrock-festival in Belgium. The band is called Versus The World, and from the Westcoast of the US. This is quality punkrock band with members from Lagwagon and the Ataris and more great musicians. Actually I didn't see them perform on that edition of Groezrock and I met them afterwards, but I wish I had seen them. If you haven't seen them in or near your hometown yet, don't worry, I'm sure you get the chance soon enough, since they go out touring somehwere every year I think, luckily!! And even better news, the new album Homesick/Roadsick will be out on april 7th. 

Again, that were 3 bands worth to check out, as everything that I bring to your attention here. I will do my best to post some new and old bands, that you need to listen to, here asap.