Saturday, 20 June 2015

Festivalseason has arrived in Europe

Yes, it's festivalseason again. At this moment I don't really like freezing away at night without sleep that much anymore. Or standing in line to take a shower or a mobile toilet. And while I can still put up my igloo tent without problems, camping is not so much my thing anymore. But it absolutely won't stop me from going to festivals if I like the line-up (my wallet stops me sometimes however hahahaha). So many other options like chalets, hostels or simply the back of a van or sometimes even a hotel. Yes it's much different than hanging out with your friends at the campingsite and more expensive unfortunately. But even if we stay 20 in our hearts forever, our bodies won't agree hihi. 
But as said that doesn't stop me from going, no way. An intimate show at a little venue can be more nice yes, but a festival is a totally different experience. Like for example Groezrock. So many awesome bands in one place. This festival is even so laidback that getting in touch with some bands is easy. I won't say all bands, but this is one amazingly fun big hangout for the bands and the visitors. I always meet a lot of friends there, so even if I go there on my own, I'm never alone. That's what I love about this particular festival.

Here in Europe we'll have Hellfest, Graspop Metal Meeting and the Hurricane Festival this weekend. There's also Jera On Air and that's where I'm going. But only for one day. Yes I want to see it hall, but ofcourse that's impossible. As I said before, here in Holland, and the same goes for a big part of Europe, we're spoiled with concerts. Even choosing is hard. For me even more since I love rock, metal, punk, ska and even more than that. 
It's still June, so this is actually just the start of the festivalseason (and it started here in Holland at Easter with Paaspop, if I'm correct).
In North America the Pouzzafest and Welcome to Rockville have just passed and this weekend there is the Amnesia Rockfest in Canada with a pretty damn good line-up. If you only needed the will to go to see a band or a festival, than I would be there.

But okay I'm really looking forward to finally see Strung Out and Lagwagon again today. And also Authority Zero and Millencolin.
By the way, I'm always looking out to get more interviews for my YouTube channel. But you have to wait a bit longer for some more. I have one interview by e-mail in the planning, so just keep an eye on my blog and you'll see a new interview-tab appear hopefully soon.

I have to go now to the festival, but I'll be back! 

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