Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Save some vacationdays

Save some vacationdays, because there's a lot of awesome tours coming your way. E-very-where! Japan, Europe, US.

First off, Straightline will be playing 6 shows in Japan, starting today in 
Yokohama (on tuesday the 6th). These punkers, these thrashers, hell what does it even matter in whah category you want put the guys in, put them in the awesomebox then! Have you listened to the new album "Vanishing Values" yet? No? Then go to Bird Attack Records and get it there: www.birdattackradio.com/bands/14/straightline.

Talking about albums. Just past friday, June 2nd, the new album of  Authority Zero, 'Broadcasting to the nations' came out on Bird Attack Records. And what I've heard so far from it, is awesome. Just a few years I could hardly find the passion in the bands I saw. I don't know if I looked at the wrong bands over here or it was just me, my mood or whatever. But I see more passion and Authority Zero surely have that passion. And if you don't know them yet, it's high time you do! 
And let's hope they'll return to Europe soon!

Oh just saw yesterday something I've forgot over the past weeks => not only Straightline will be in Japan this week, but Ten Foot Pole as well. They've just released an album re-recorded songs and b-sides and rarities if I remember that correctly. Hoping there will be some new stuff in the future too, but we'll see. For now this is a good week for punkrockloving Japan. Go out and support Straightline and Ten Foot Pole if you can please. 

Europe will be very busy upcoming months, and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. This is what I love most about summer, seeing all the bands and friends that I love!


First up is Nuclear, they finally are back on European soil this month. This friday they start their European tour in Eernegem, BE. I can guarantee you, if you're into thrash, you will not get enough of them after you seen and heard them! Those riffs are amazing! Some bands you get hooked on after a first listen or first show. Nuclear is one of those bands.

Then it's up to my Aussies from the Decline. I'm happy they're already returning to Europe this month. I just saw them in August last year, but they can never return soon enough for me! These catloving punkers are just a few of the bands you need to see at least once this summer! 

Also a tour of Empty Lungs with support from one of my favourites, as you probably guessed by now, his name is Billy Liar
I saw him and his guitar for the first time at a festival in Rotterdam a few years ago and I never forgot this traveling troubadour. I don't know if it was his funny stories or his honest and direct lyrics. But I'm still thankful I got to see him that day. But anyway he tours through several countries in company of the Empty Lungs guys. No matter if it's punk, folkpunk, anti-folk, try something different if you've never visited a show like that. You might surprise yourself and like it!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


You may agree or disagree with me on this one and that's fine. People disagree on so many things, that doesn't mean we can't talk or hangout anymore.That's your opinion and this is mine, simple as that. 
I think it's wrong you ask a band to pay to play as a supportband for your band. Why you ask?
Well, maybe because you were that band once. That band that wanted to be bigger, that band that wanted to get invited to play at big festivals and the big venues, that band that was on eberyone's lips once the new album was out...remember that, you were that band once! 
So, the only right thing to do in my eyes is that you bring a supportband on tour because you like them and you want to give them the opportunity that you maybe once had. The opportunity to play for a bigger audience, the opportunity to gain loads of new fans.
Isn't realistic of me and just a 'romantic' view, hmm maybe, but damn aren't we supposed to support eachother in the punk, rock, ska and metalfamily?? Aren't we? This is our scene and a big part of is even DIY, so please don't fuck eachother over, this way or in another way. You give the younger/new bands the opportunity you've had been given once too, you help eachother out. Why you say?...
Because we all have the same passion, the same DREAM.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Lots of bands deserve your attention

Actually, I think all the bands that I write about deserve your attention. But I don't simply write about bands because I'm friends with them. Because even if I'm not (close) friends with bands and bandmembers, I can even see clearly from a distance', how hardworking these bands are and therefore yes that is one of the reasons I want to help them out to get them more known. Other reasons are because they make great music, they're nice and sincere people. And must I always talk about the passion, yes, because that, that is the thing what attracts a real musiclover to a band, the passion and...honestly also the interaction with he fans. As a band, I personally respect a band more that knows that it has the fans to thank for their succes. I mean, it has to come both ways ofcourse. Fans would travel that extra 20 km (or 100 or more) if you appreciate them as well. As fans we can certainly understand that not every day is a good day, that you're tired as hell, especially on tour, it does a person, a fan, good to be recognized, to be appreciated for spending money and free time. You can be succesfull and humble at the same time. Make contact with your fans,and as a big band, don't always depend on 'VIP-tickets' to meet your fans, because even your biggest fans might not to be able to afford them.
Lots of small bands doing it right, the fans are the key, go out and meet them! 
Respect and love works both ways.

Here some bands that I wanted to tell you about today:

Authority Zero, they're a US-band that makes, as lots of media likes to call it: reggaepunk. I guess it's a good name for it, but in my book, as you know, I just have two 'genres': what I like and what I don't like. And these guys are awesome. Past summer they rocked Brakrock ecofest so hard and Pikachu pika'd (or how would you call it?) like crazy! PunkRockHoliday was where I saw them after that, well what can I say: AMAZING! A circlepit with Jason (the singer) in the middle singing and Dan (the guitarist) stagediving. Magical show. Even the year before at Jera On Air they've already made a big impression on me and that show was far from what I saw last year, but so good already, they've seen to have grown so much in just one year.
If you can see them live this year, don't hesitate to go, because you won't be disappointed.
A new album of them is on the way.
See them here at PunkRockHoliday past year: https://youtu.be/CP0Q1POnXu4

Have I told tou guys before about Magnacult? This is a Dutch metalband and damn Seb the singer can leave you stunned with his growl and grunts, wow. I traveled to the other side of my country for them. Their was a great festival, but honestly I was looking forward the most to see them playing in a little club after the festival. And it was awesome, with a weird stage high above the crowd (even though I was standing even higher than them on the side), and wow yes, just what I needed! Worth the 5 hours on the train. 
Their new album 'Infinitum' will be out on May 12th.
Here is the first video of the upcoming album: http://www.graviton-musicservices.com/b2b/PressReleases/EN/Video%20Release%20MagnaCult-RighteousMurder.html

So, the last time I was in South America to see (yes, there you have them again) Satanic Surfers, I got to know an awesome new band. Well, new for me I mean. They're called Straightline, they're from Germany and they would fall in the category of thrashpunk or punkthrash (however fits you the best, I just give you these categories so that you can decide for yourself if it's worth to spend your time on, even if I think you should..😊). Well, maybe you knew I do like thrash a lot, so this seems like a great combination in theory, skatepunk and thrash. And honestly it is a great combo. 

Their new album is out and you can listen to it here: https://straightline.bandcamp.com/
They're doing lots of shows this spring and summer, so go out and show some support if you like them. Here you can find the dates: https://www.facebook.com/straightlinemunich/
(And that goes for all the bands you like: go out and show your support #gotoashow). 

A Dutch band that already exists for years and years, but certainly doesn't always get the recognition and certainly not the attention they should have is Bambix. They travel all around Europe and sometimes a little off route to South America, but mostly Germany and the countries around it. Over all these years there may have been some changes in line-up, but that hasn't compromized their punksound. Still good and still playing often and with lots of fun after all these years. So this is yet another band that you have to go see live.

This is one video of their show that I saw in december in Nijmegen, NL: https://youtu.be/C0g1C9sSHUI

Most of my travels to bands are absolutely worth it. I might have a lack of sleep often, but these shows keep me alive. This is my big love, this is what keeps me sane and one of the main reasons to be alive and well on this planet.

Maybe I keep repeating things over the years in my posts, but I know not everyone has read all my posts over the years and good things have to be repeated so that they stick in your head and to let all my new readers show some good bands or info they missed before.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

It's a fucking epidemic!

Hey guys, I've talked about this before, but unfortunately I have to bring this to tour attention again...
Don't leave your gear, personal things and merch unattended, even in a closed van! Please bring it inside the venue, the place where you are crashing for the night or let someone sleep next to the gear and things because it...well it seems like an epidemic right about now. It's already hard to get over your loss if it's your merch since that was your gas- and foodmoney (or even more than that). But think about when your personal stuff gets stolen, things that can't be replaced, because you got it from a person important to you, or it is one of a kind or because you didn't make a back-up (make back-ups  people!! Get an external harddisk, a dozen pendrives, whatever, but do something please, so you haven't lost everything with no chance of getting it back..).

Help these bands and musicians out by keeping an eye out in pawnshops, on instrumentsellingwebsites on the internet or simply just word of mouth. 
You can give them also some help by donating on the go-fund-me pages that their friends have opened for them. If you can look out and/or donate, it will be highly appreciated.

Here are the latest victims that I know of:

Guttermouth got their van robbed in Houston/TX, US


Malignancy got their van robbed in the Netherlands. 

Counterpunch's van got robbed in 

Immortal Bird's whole van with everything in it (gear and all merch) got stolen

Bryan Beller's storage place got broken into and robbed.

This guy could really use your help as well:

Here also some pawnshoplistings in California 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Top ten... no, a top whatever

First of all, let me wish you a great 2017, hope it turns out very good for all of you.

Top tens, I don't always like top tens. Because when you like music as much as I do, it's hard to just put a top ten together, it's always more than ten. So, for 2016, I give you the (imo) great albums that came out last year that you at least should check out, so here's my top whatever (in alhabetical order). 

-Allout Helter - Ruins
-Antillectual - Engage
-Belvedere - Revenge of the fifth
-Caskitt - Old fires new frontier
-Castoff - First step to recovery
-Crobot - Welcome to fat city
-Death Angel - The evil divide
-Descendents - Hypercaffium spazzinate
-Despite - Synergi
-Devin Townsend Project - Transcendence
-Discharge - End of days
-Face To Face - Protection
-Fat Randall - Keep it down
-Frenzal Rhomb - We lived like kings
-Gemini Syndrome - Memento Mori
-Guttermouth - New car smell
-Hellbenders - Peyote
-Ignite - A war against you
-Implants - The golden age
-Komatsu - Recipe for murder one
-Kvelertak - Nattesferd
-Larrakia - Rantallion
-Meshuggah - The violent sleep of reason
-Moovalya - Kings EP
-The Murderburgers - The 12 habits of highly defective people
-Mute - Remember death
-Nerf Herder - Rockingham
-The Night - Deathology
-Pulley - No change in the weather
-Prong - No absolutes
-Prophets Of Rage - The party's over EP
-Radkey - Delicious rock noise
-Sick Of It All - When the smoke clears
-Skipjack - A soundtrack to eulogy
-Statues On Fire - No tomorrow
-Suicidal Tendencies - World gone mad
-Testament - Brotherhood of the snake
-Useless ID - State is burning
-Venerea - Last call for adderall

And let me complete my top whatever with the festivals that you should visit this year, if possible ofcourse (you can also find these under the Festivals tab):

Baroeg Open Air, NL www.baroegopenair.nl
Brakrock Ecofest, BE www.brakrock.be
Dynamo Metal Fest, NL dynamometalfest.nl
Graspop, BE www.graspop.be
Groezrock, BE www.groezrock.be
Hellfest, FR www.hellfest.fr
Ieperfest, BE www.ieperfest.com
Into The Grave, NL intothegrave.nl
Jera On Air, NL www.jeraonair.nl
Manchester Punk Fest, UK manchesterpunkfestival.co.uk
Pitfest, NL www.pitfest.nl
Pouzzafest, CA pouzzafest.com
PunkRockBowling, US punkrockbowling.com
PunkRockHoliday, SI www.punkrockholiday.com
Rebellion Fest, UK www.rebellionfestivals.com
Resurrection Fest, ES www.resurrectionfest.es
Riot Fest, US riotfest.org
Scumbash, NL www.scumbash.nl
Xtreme Fest, FR www.xtremefest.fr