Sunday, 4 September 2016

Strung Out, and many like them, deserve more from you!

My apologies for the few that read my posts. I was very busy following my favourite bands around Europe. One of them is Strung Out. How they are not in big arenas yet is beyond me. I mean, look at their history; they exist 20+ years now and they are still bringing out awesome albums. Have you even listened to their latest album yet? Transmission.Alpha.Delta was a fucking amazing when I first heard and it still is. This is not an one killer and for the rest fillers, NO FUCKING WAY!=>This album is all killer!! So again, why they don't even get their headlining shows in little venues sold out is beyond me. This is quality punkrock with (yes again) killer riffs! Honestly I like little venues, but their shows should be sold out in 5 minutes, like all the 'big names'. If you like or even love this band, don't think: "Oh, I'll wait until next tour". No! Go now, they exist now, they tour now, you live now!
And with that many other bands deserve more people at their shows! I was at a show of The Decline just last week and besides the other bands that were there, they played for '2 man and a horsehead' as we say in the Netherlands. These bands with this quality of music and even more important, with this PASSION!; deserve your utter support all the way. You don't have to follow them around Europe or even the world, like I do with some bands, but as I said before and will keep on saying: buy the music, buy the merch. If you fail to do that, who knows how long they will go on making new music and do these great tours? It ends somewhere, it ends because life happens, people quit, people die, but don't let it stop because you are not truly supporting the band(s) you love! Just let that sink in and think about that for a while...Bands exist thanks to the support of their fans and thanks to the undying passion of musicians to do what they love...

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

This was just the start of the summer

Wow, this tour in Spain of Good Riddance with the Satanic Surfers and Blowfuse was just awesome! I saw three shows and covered many miles with all kinds of transport. I had a bad cold, but that only kept me from seeing all the touristic stuff and not the Satanic Surfers and Good Riddance ofcourse! 
I even did a detour through Germany to see Billy Liar and Freddy Fudd Pucker. Why? Because music is what I love and it's my life. And they're both pretty damn good. It's surely not skatepunk, but acoustic (folk)punk is certainly on my good music list (and the bad music list I just don't pay attention to, too much good music I need to listen to!!). And is was surely worth the detour, I loved every second of that evening/night over there in Kiel, DE.
In Spain I didn't only see Satanic Surfers and Good Riddance, but I catched up with my friends of the Water Rats in Valencia. Unfortunately that was the only show I saw there of them, but okay you can't have it all (apparently hahaha).
That's that about my last musictrip, of which you can find some livevideos on my YouTube.

You already know Nuclear from Chile right? Well, there's another metalband from Chile that I'd like you to meet and that's: Lefutray. They also make excellent thrash that you need to check out.
They're finally making the jump over the mountains and the ocean to tour Europe and they'll include Russia in that tour too. If you have the chance go check them out live. And if you can help them with some tourdates, just send a message to:

Pennywise is going to do a big tour in North America together with Strung Out, Unwritten Law and Runaway Kids. They'll crash in a lot of cities from the end of september until the begin of november. Well, I can say this about a lot of tours and festivals, but again: great line-up, Pennywise ofcourse, the awesome Strung Out and then Unwritten Law yeah, don't miss it. So much to see and so little time hihihi.

Did I ever tell you a bit about the stonerrockband Komatsu? They're from the Eastern part of the Netherlands and I got to know them, ehhh I guess a few years ago and I finally saw them live for the first time on Recordstoreday this year in Eindhoven, NL. And as I suspected, they're just as good live as I thought they would be. Now I just need a full concert!!
Here's a video of that day with the new single:
They're releasing their new album at the stage at the Blue Collar Hotel in Eindhoven, NL on September 23rd.

Right now, at this moment, Napalm Death is touring South America. They'll be playing in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.
All I can say is: If you can, go to a concert and show your support!

Oh and let's not forget about Despite from Sweden, who have a livestreaming of their new video for the song "Awakening" this thursday, june 23rd.
On their Facebook you can find the info about the livestreaming:
I liked the metal from these guys from Sweden from the first time I heard them and it surely took a lot of hard work and years of dedication, but now they're signed to Eclipse Records and bringing out their new album on July 22nd, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

New interview and more

Yeah finally a new interview! I did a really nice little interview with Billy Liar yesterday in Belgium. Was about time again hahaha. Watch it here:

Billy Liar is on tour right now in Europe with Freddy Fudd Pucker.

May 27 in Obersulmetingen, DE
May 28 in Fürth, DE
May 29 in Hamburg, DE
May 31 in Kiel, DE
June 1 in Bielefeld, DE
June 2 in Hannover, DE
June 3 in Leipzig, DE
June 4 in Berlin, DE.

Next week the tour of Good Riddance and Satanic Surfers (and Blowfuse) in Spain will start and wow you all should be so excited as I am, this is an awesome line-up and tour. This is a good time to get to know Spain and have some great shows at the same time! Yeah I guess it's fair to say Satanic Surfers is my favourite band, but you guys knew that already I think hahahaha.

And yessss the Water Rats are back in Europe right as I write this. Okay it's only Portugal and Spain and unfortunately not more countries, but hey, they're here and that's good! They even play at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona and that's great for them!

Yes, sorry for the people that only love metal, but you know I love punk, metal and so much more! So, so far lots of talking about punkrock today..but some metalnews too!

Despite, from Sweden, has signed a recorddeal with Eclipse records and they'll bring out their new album "Synergi" on July 22nd.
You can already pre-order the album:

And see the new video "As you bleed" right here:

If you love festivals, this weekend in Las Vegas, US there's a treat for you. It's finally time for the PunkRockBowling and if you're there you're crazy to miss this! So many bands, so many.

These are just a few bands that are playing there:

I will return with a new and old bands to check out soon! 
Enjoy and go to a show!! 

Saturday, 20 February 2016

I won't do top tens anymore

I won't do top tens anymore, well at least not this time. Why? Because I simply can't choose. I don't love one genre but I love punkrock, metal, rock, hardcore, ska and even popmusic. It's too hard.
Instead I just give you my list of the awesome albums that came out in 2015 and I'll just do it iin alphabetical order, so no one is on the 1st place and not on the 10th place either:

Danko Jones - Fire Music
The Decline - Resister
Lefutray - Oath
Nuclear - Formula For Anarchy
The Oath - Consequences
Radkey - Dark Black Makeup
Strung Out - Transmission Alpha Delta
Versus The World - Homesick/Roadsick
The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak
(I'll add more to this list when I come up with the albums, too much to remember right now hahaha).

I have some news as well.

Nerf Herder are bringing out their long awaited new album 'Rockingham' within 2 days (or 1 and a half by now). Quick, go to their Pledgemusic site:
I guess it was a difficult delivery as we say here, but I 'm sure it's worth the wait. 
Their first song is already out, called 'Ghostbusters III' (guess which movie? :) and you can listen to it on iTunes:

From Sweden comes the melodic/groove deathmetal band with the name Another Hell. They regularly are bringing out new music and it always sounds great. They don't sing especially about horror and death, but real and daily issues. Like songs about failing governments and the unfair things in the world (that have happened). Everything that can keep the people everywhere in the world busy these days. 

Give these guys a listen:

There's a new band out there for a little while, called The Night, and now they've finally released their debutalbum. I was already blown away with the few songs I heard so far and now the album is out and it's called "Deathology"! Get it here:
-The CD 
-Google Play

They've also released their first video past week. 
Look at that video right here=>

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2016 better be ready! Much good stuff coming.

Oh damn, it's february already, that month went quick.
Unfortunately we ended 2015 and started 2016 with lots of bad news of great musicians that have died. Cancer gets everyone it seems, what a horrible disease. 
What this all tells us is that you should appreciate the time with the persons you love and that can be friends and family.
And that you should not wait with going to gigs of bands you like, since people die and bands quit every day. I still regret that I haven't seen Motörhead, David Bowie, Mötley Crüe or many other bands and musicians that I've wished I'd seen. But I know I'm so lucky and happy with all the stuff I did see live (and that's a LOT I can tell you, a lot). Will a lot of people think that I'm wasting my money, hmm maybe, but I live now, my life is now. I can wait until I can quit working when I'm 70 or so (because that's where we are heading), but why should I. I could die tomorrow, for all we know. I could die at 92 as my grandma as well, but you never know. I don't know what life has in store for me, but I'm sure to make it lots of fun with doing what I love most, going to shows and helping bands (even if it's just here and on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and wherever). Yes I could wear another shirt every day, because I bought so many shirts. But I do it for the love of that particular band and to support them as well. That one t-shirt may be the gas they need to get to the other concert or to get home. That cd you're buying might be the food they buy on the way. Or maybe it's to support their own families, because following your heart to do what you love, to do what you can't deny is running through your veins is not cheap or very wellpaid for most.
Support the bands you love, local, national and international, because they're hardworking people that get you through your days with their beautiful thoughts that has been put into music.

And there's some good stuff on the way live...woohoo..
Lagwagon is going to make the South American summer even hotter when they are visiting Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia at the end of this month together with Belvedere, Mute and Adrenalized.

Strung Out is going to tour Australia with Pears for a whole month in March. 
And in the summer they'll return to Europe to play the Brakrock Ecofest and lots more festivals I presume.

Slayer, is starting a long and stagewrecking tour with Carcass and Testament in the US at the end of this month as well.

Unfortunately Peter Pan Speedrock is quitting at the end of this year. But for now they are playing a lot of shows all over the Netherlands and I guess they will add a few shows over the Dutch border as well. Their last 2 shows are at November 25th and 26th at the Effenaar in Eindhoven, NL.

Also some quite nice festivals on the way:

With ofcourse Groezrock on April 29-30 in Belgium that will have their 25th anniversary. I think that's quite an achievement for a festival. Groezrock will be headlined by Rancid. Well, I surely have my ticket already! Also Sick of it all will be there to celebrate their 30th anniversary. And Face To Face, No Fun At All, Venerea, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Biohazard, Youth Of Today, Frank Turner will be there as well (and much more).

The line-up Jera On Air, in June in the Netherlands, is looking promising as well with Pennywise, Belvedere, H2O, Municipal Waste, Deez Nuts, Turnstile, August Burns Red and much more.

Punk Rock Holiday is looking awesome again, as, quite frankly, it does every year since I found out about this festival in Slovenia. The only problem you could have, is to get your vacation in the right month and that have saved up enough to visit this. But Even when I've never visited this festival myself (yet), I know it's worth it. Just look at this sweet line-up: 

NOFX, Descendents, No Fun At All, Strung Out, Authority Zero, Antillectual and more to come I'm sure.

More tournews and thoughts next time. I'll be quicker this time with more news and hopefully some interviews. 
But I update the concerts a bit more often than this hahaha. See you at a show soon.