Saturday, 20 February 2016

I won't do top tens anymore

I won't do top tens anymore, well at least not this time. Why? Because I simply can't choose. I don't love one genre but I love punkrock, metal, rock, hardcore, ska and even popmusic. It's too hard.
Instead I just give you my list of the awesome albums that came out in 2015 and I'll just do it iin alphabetical order, so no one is on the 1st place and not on the 10th place either:

Danko Jones - Fire Music
The Decline - Resister
Lefutray - Oath
Nuclear - Formula For Anarchy
The Oath - Consequences
Radkey - Dark Black Makeup
Strung Out - Transmission Alpha Delta
Versus The World - Homesick/Roadsick
The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak
(I'll add more to this list when I come up with the albums, too much to remember right now hahaha).

I have some news as well.

Nerf Herder are bringing out their long awaited new album 'Rockingham' within 2 days (or 1 and a half by now). Quick, go to their Pledgemusic site:
I guess it was a difficult delivery as we say here, but I 'm sure it's worth the wait. 
Their first song is already out, called 'Ghostbusters III' (guess which movie? :) and you can listen to it on iTunes:

From Sweden comes the melodic/groove deathmetal band with the name Another Hell. They regularly are bringing out new music and it always sounds great. They don't sing especially about horror and death, but real and daily issues. Like songs about failing governments and the unfair things in the world (that have happened). Everything that can keep the people everywhere in the world busy these days. 

Give these guys a listen:

There's a new band out there for a little while, called The Night, and now they've finally released their debutalbum. I was already blown away with the few songs I heard so far and now the album is out and it's called "Deathology"! Get it here:
-The CD 
-Google Play

They've also released their first video past week. 
Look at that video right here=>

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