Saturday, 14 January 2017

Top ten... no, a top whatever

First of all, let me wish you a great 2017, hope it turns out very good for all of you.

Top tens, I don't always like top tens. Because when you like music as much as I do, it's hard to just put a top ten together, it's always more than ten. So, for 2016, I give you the (imo) great albums that came out last year that you at least should check out, so here's my top whatever (in alhabetical order). 

-Allout Helter - Ruins
-Antillectual - Engage
-Belvedere - Revenge of the fifth
-Caskitt - Old fires new frontier
-Castoff - First step to recovery
-Crobot - Welcome to fat city
-Death Angel - The evil divide
-Descendents - Hypercaffium spazzinate
-Despite - Synergi
-Devin Townsend Project - Transcendence
-Discharge - End of days
-Face To Face - Protection
-Fat Randall - Keep it down
-Frenzal Rhomb - We lived like kings
-Gemini Syndrome - Memento Mori
-Guttermouth - New car smell
-Hellbenders - Peyote
-Ignite - A war against you
-Implants - The golden age
-Komatsu - Recipe for murder one
-Kvelertak - Nattesferd
-Larrakia - Rantallion
-Meshuggah - The violent sleep of reason
-Moovalya - Kings EP
-The Murderburgers - The 12 habits of highly defective people
-Mute - Remember death
-Nerf Herder - Rockingham
-The Night - Deathology
-Pulley - No change in the weather
-Prong - No absolutes
-Prophets Of Rage - The party's over EP
-Radkey - Delicious rock noise
-Sick Of It All - When the smoke clears
-Skipjack - A soundtrack to eulogy
-Statues On Fire - No tomorrow
-Suicidal Tendencies - World gone mad
-Testament - Brotherhood of the snake
-Useless ID - State is burning
-Venerea - Last call for adderall

And let me complete my top whatever with the festivals that you should visit this year, if possible ofcourse (you can also find these under the Festivals tab):

Baroeg Open Air, NL
Brakrock Ecofest, BE
Dynamo Metal Fest, NL
Graspop, BE
Groezrock, BE
Hellfest, FR
Ieperfest, BE
Into The Grave, NL
Jera On Air, NL
Manchester Punk Fest, UK
Pitfest, NL
Pouzzafest, CA
PunkRockBowling, US
PunkRockHoliday, SI
Rebellion Fest, UK
Resurrection Fest, ES
Riot Fest, US
Scumbash, NL
Xtreme Fest, FR