Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Check all the new music that is waiting for you!

Yeah I know that you had to wait long for a new post. But as I tell you often: friends and family (and sleep hahaha) first!

As always lots of new stuff is coming out and a lot of things are happening. I'll tell you a few things that you should check out if you want.

Today the new single (and video) of the new album of Nuclear came out on the website of Rockaxis. I was at their studio when they were rehearsing for this new album and be prepared for some awesome and brutal stuff! 
Oh I was getting pretty impatient waiting for it to come out and that while the guys made this album pretty damn quick. Enough talking, start listening!!

I've told you about the Water Rats before. This is awesome punkrock with two singers (and if you didn't hear their music yet, check it here: 

The guys have found their way over the ocean o to the UK and they are touring the UK right now as we speak. Hey, I haven't even seen them live yet, so you are crazy if you miss them on tour now! 

The Scene, Swansea, UK

The Water Rats, London, UK

Last week the new video of Forka: 'Serra eletrica' came out as well. 

Forka is a band from the São Paulo area in Brazil and they make a mix of thrashmetal/deathmetal/hardcore and punk or however you like to call their style. But it's hard and it's good and that's what you need to remember.
This video is just a little part of what is waiting when the new cd is coming out!
Maybe there's even a little European tour waiting ;-) ;-) , keep your fingers crossed!!

Something different than a new cd, but surely worth your attention is the release of a musicbook. And this book is not to read, but to learn to play metal combined with samba on your guitar. The guitarist of Claustrofobia & Kroma-quartet made this book for the persons interested trying something new on their guitars: Brazilian music (like samba) combined with metal! This book might give you new inspiration for your guitarwork, so try something new: Brazilian metal for your guitar.
For more info or ordering the book, contact Alexandre de Orio here: 
or order here:

For the punkrockers under's almost time for Groezrock. (May 1-2 in Belgium). I know I got my ticket! Because man, you are always missing some good stuff if you don't visit that festival. This years line-up includes: Social Distortion, Satanic Surfers, Make Do And Mend, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Good Riddance, Frenzal Rhomb, Masked Intruder, Lagwagon, Agnostic Front, Suicide Silence, Off!, Iron Reagan, Gnarwolves, Cancer Bats, Millencolin and lots more that you can find out for yourself at the website right here:

If you want to see some good bands, but want a smaller festival, well consider going to Jera On Air (June 19-20 in the Netherlands)! A little festival in the Netherlands in June, but every year with pretty good names! This year with great bands like Strung Out, Authority Zero, Lagwagon, Millencolin, No Turning Back and A Day To Remember as well, amongst many others.

If you like to combine metal and hardcore, than wait a bit longer and visit Ieperfest (August 14-16 in Belgium), I missed a few editions, but this time I'm surely there again.
This year the line-up already includes: Sick Of It All, Biohazard, Black Tusk, Doom, Cryptopsy, Questions, Psycroptic, Entombed AD, Judge., and I can go on. Check it all here:

I also added a lot of new livevideos to my YouTube channel as well and if you haven't watched my interviews yet than I hope you will now.
I always try to get new interviews, but sometimes all the luck is with me and sometimes not. Or I simply can't get tickets for a show haha. Ah well I'm sure I'll get you some new ones soon as well as a new post, but now enjoy all the stuff I offered today now first!