Friday, 29 August 2014

Getting robbed, vans breaking down and other tourtrouble

Unfortunately it seems to get more and more standard than ever that bands vans get robbed or airlines losing equipment. I know how much a guitar can mean to a person and some are irreplaceable. So if you leave your van outside, and to sleep inside, at night take your 'girlfriend' with you. Because it's better to sleep with a guitar in your sleeping bag than losing it to people that take it from your van.
But I'm not really sure if you can do a lot to prevent getting your instruments lost by airlines. The only thing I can think of might be renting your backline in the same area that you get your rented van and only bring your guitar, bass, personal microphone, snare drum, sticks and picks and keep it at that. Or maybe you can use the backline of your friends in the city/country that you're going to play in.

That's why I have to show you a few bands again that can need your help now.
But if you rather help another good cause, then by all means do that. I'm happy that you want to help, any good cause is better off with your help, no matter how small your donation might be. But here some bands, (that you can find now in my tab "Contribute to help bands and projects"), that need help for broken down vans or bands that simply want to release a new cd and need money for that:

The van of Allegaeon broke down.
Allegaeon: Allegaeon are going on tour to support Arsis next week, but ofcourse on this 'moment suprême' their van is calling it quits. If you want to donate a bit to help them out so that they can rent a van to complete this tour or have a start on a new (secondhand) van, that would be very much appreciated. Please just send some money to their Paypal-account

Just 2 days left to buy an awesome Trigger Happy shirt and help the family of the late Mark Gibson.
Almighty Trigger Happy: Unexpectedly and unfortunately the guitarist of this band died last year and now this campaign is started to help the wife and son with covering the bills following this tragedy. If you can, please help out:

Nerf Herder a re hard working on their new cd and even if they reached their goal already...touring will cost money too (or their next cd).
Nerf Herder: Pledge to help the band make their new album

Honestly I don't even know the music these guys make, but I can imagine they're devastated and desperate after some bastards robbed them of almost everything except from the things they wear. Sirens And Sailors: I don't know this band actually or the music that they make, but they're stranded in a strange country and their robbed of literally all their stuff. Help them out if you can or want. You don't wish this on any band or person that is on tour.
Read here: 
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would be so kind as to please take the time to read this, it could make a gigantic difference in our lives today.

It is every bands nightmare to come back to their van and see that it has been broken into and robbed, and today that nightmare has become reality for us. To add to it, we are overseas in completely foreign territory feeling more helpless than ever. 

Every single dollar we brought with us, every single penny that we have earned over the past month of touring overseas has been stolen. Licenses, credit cards, essential medical supplies, laptops, electronic equipment, even down to our toiletries, GONE. In a matter of minutes, our livelihood has been taken from us. Our dream come true has become the exact opposite.

We have always been against starting a kick starter or any sort of band funding besides playing shows and selling merch, like any touring band should earn their keep. We have done it successfully for years now, but today we have no choice, and no other option.

If you would like to help us in any sort of way, whether it's something as easy as sharing this post so others can see it, or if you would like to donate to help us in any amount you can, here is our PayPal information to do so:

PayPal account:

Please click "Friends & Family" so you do not get taxed for your donation.

There are really no words to describe what we are feeling at this moment, and we are so grateful for all of you and the support you have given us throughout the years. Thank you.


I assure you, helping others make you feel good too, but don't do it to expect something back. Do it to genuinely help out and make a difference even if it's just a little donation you can make. A lot of 'little' donations also can give a very big endresult!

Depression is a disease, not just being lazy

Don't worry, the next post is about music again, but I felt the need to write something about depression, because of a lot of things that happened and also the suicide of Robin Williams. And also because a lot of people suffer from it, they just have hidden it very well for you sometimes.
I just want to let people realize that's it's not just being sad when you got your heart broken or something, but it affects much more than that. I think in my experience with people with depression, that a trauma can trigger this disease. For one person it's the death of someone close, rape, or things like that. But it can also be something insignificant to other people, like a broken heart. It may well be that people that suffer from depression are more sensitive than others (I don't know if this is true, I'm just guessing now) and they had every rejection build up inside over the years, until it one day comes out and bursts, sort of speak. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, it's just an example that I know has happened. 
When you have a depression, others may think you're a lazy bastard, but honestly it's not that, you simply lose the will to do anything. It's not just procrastination, it's not simply that when you have depression, that you don't want to do things. You just can't make yourself do it. Ofcourse it's not good for any person that amount of selfpity and stuff, but when you have this, you can't control your mind so well, it's taking over your thoughts and making them worse. Some days are not so bad, but other days are complete misery...just laying on the bed crying and crying, seeing no future and that maybe you'd be better off if you were not on this world. But that's why it's so important to have treatment from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Because it's almost not possible to get over it yourself. If you're blessed with good and true friends it might seem that you're over it and it will feel like that for a while, but it simmers inside of you waiting to come out. And then one day, when you least expect it, something happens in your life and it hits you like a kick in the face again. 
If you feel like you have a depression, stop being stubborn, stop thinking: 'Oh I can fucking do this myself'. Stop it, STOP IT, because before you know it, years have passed and nothing has happened. Inside you know you are still depressed, you've just covered it with other things. To the outside world, you just seem fine, your life seems okay, but this depression is a disease, it hits you and it can hit you damn hard. So, it's time you realize that it's not a shame to get help and that you are NOT weak. You'll only regret it later that you haven't called out for help sooner. But I can assure you, admitting you have a depression (or admitting that you think that you have one) or admitting that you need help, is a fucking brave thing to do. You have saved a life and an extremely important one: THAT ONE OF YOUR OWN. Because you are not worth less than anyone else, no matter who makes you feel that way. If anyone makes you feel that way, than they are the ones that need help. They are jealous and want to make you feel inferior in the most cases. And that is the same when anyone gets angry at you. Ofcourse anger may seem like it's justified sometimes, but is it really? Does the person you're angry at really deserve your anger or is he/she just triggering something that's already deep inside you, something that you're trying to push away. 
Do people really not care about you or are you just thinking that? Because you don't know what other people think, maybe you mean the world to someone and you just don't know it. I know there's enough in this world that is still reachable for any of you. Some dreams are maybe not going to happen anymore no, but is that a reason to step out of this world? Aren't their more dreams to be made? You think nothing good is waiting for you anymore, but you cannot know that! Why? Because you have not been there yet, it's what lying ahead of you. And who knows what magical, lifechanging things are going to happen if you'll just try it again. Maybe the love of your life is just waiting until you arrive, maybe your dreamjob was just waiting on the corner.
 I know it's a long way and I see many people suffer from it. And I know realizing you're sick is one thing and doing something about it another. But do you really need to wait until you're ready to do something about it or do you decide to be ready? Take your life in your hands now and don't you dare think you are not worth it, that it will suck anyway or that nothing is going to change. Because the only one who stops your life from changing in a good way is YOU. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cross your boundaries

What I'm trying to say is, cross your music boundaries. Don't be stuck in only metal, only punk or hardcore. There's so much worth a listen out there. For the most of us there will always be a 'genre' that you love more than others. But as I always say: I only have two genres: Good music and bad music. Or maybe better said: Music I like/love and music and don't like. I probably have written this before, but there is a difference between musicians that put their heart and soul in it and musicians that only wanted to make music for the money. I won't say you can't combine those things, but there is a difference. 
I, myself started as a metalkid, then after I was totally into hardcore for a long while and into punkrock as well. And rock was a favourite for a good while as well. Now I just listen to everything and it differs from day to day or even hour to hour. As you might have seen, I visit quite some concerts and that can be one day Red Fang, the next Bodyjar and then I just go to Six Feet Under or Satyricon the day after. As you see, I'm not stuck to one 'genre', simply because good music doesn't limits itself to a genre or language for that matter.

I hope you can take some time to listen to all or a few of the bands that I'm going to tell you about today. 

First off some great metal from Sweden from these guys that I found a few years back on twitter. That band is called Another Hell and they can make some brutal metal I can tell you that! they catched my attention and I liked their metal and attitude from the start.
Listen to the pre-releases from their upcoming album: "Trade of the apocalypse" on Soundcloud now.

I just got to know this band a few days ago, but I honestly can't stop listening to this debut-EP of the band called 'The Night'. It's kind of horrorpunkrock as you can say, I think (I don't know so much about them yet), but I'm almost sure that you won't be disappointed listening to this if you're into punkrock.

If you live outside Brazil (or Portugal) and language doesn't matter when you listen to music, than you should give this awesome punkrock'n'roll band called Anzol from Brazil a listen. They sing in Portuguese yes, but oh they have so much cool songs that stick in your head. I can play this over and over and still never get bored with it, because it's well written and you feel the raw passion.
So far there's only one EP out, but I heard from them that they're working on new stuff. 
Here on bandcamp you can listen to it and find a link to buy the album:

It's a long time back and unfortunately they don't exist anymore: Satanic Surfers. My ultimate punkrock love from Sweden. Sweden is really a country with an ashtonishing amount of good bands. From metal to punkrock, you can all find it. Here a concert from them:
If you want to enjoy Rodrigo's beautiful voice these days, you can buy the album ofcourse, but I advise you also to visit a show of the band where he's singing for now and that is: Atlas Losing Grip. They are amazing and their new album is about to be released soon. I honestly can't wait to hear it, Because their other albums are great too. Here you can hear their latest one:
Find them on FB:

Besides listening to music I also updated the concerts as much as I could, added more festivals (even for 2015) to the 'Festivals'-tab and also some things to the tab 'Contribute to bands and projects'. Check it out regurlarly, because there are a few things worth your donation or pledge (bands making new albums, t-shirts/merch and good causes). 


Friday, 8 August 2014

New albums out & more

In this post I wanted to bring some bands to your attention that had a album released recently (or a little bit longer) and also some longer existing bands that are simply worth your attention.

First Statues On Fire from Brazil: They released their album 'Phoenix' (English) a little while ago. They make great punkrock in mostly short and strong songs (Here you can get an idea how they sound: 
And you can get their album on black or red vinyl at: and check their FB-site as well

A band that  I had the pleasure to see many years ago, with the Satanic Surfers, is back together to play liveshows again. They're called The Almighty Trigger Happy and they're from Canada and I couldn't be more happier that they play together again. That tour from them with the Satanic Surfers brings back many good memories and I simply missed the guys that gave me such a great time and great music together with the Satanic Surfers ofcourse. Still two of my (many) favourite bands. Check the albums out on Soundcloud or read more about them on their FB-page:
They also have a campaign now to support the widow and son of their guitarist, Mark Gibson, that has unfortunately passed away. You can buy an awesome Trigger Happy t-shirt and at the same time help those people out.

Water Rats (from Brazil), released their (digital) EP already a long time ago but now they finally released a whole album, 'Ugly by nature' (English), with their old digital EP-songs included on it. They even have a 2-week USA-tour planned this month. So if you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas or near these cities be sure to check them out live. They are touring together with the band Lo-Fi. 
If you like them than you should consider buying the vinyl album and help them with touring this way as well. You can listen to the music here: and if you live outside Brazil than you can easily order the album with an e-mail to

Not so long ago a great Dutch 3-piece band, also released a new album. That band is Bambix. They've been around for years and they're still going strong. They make quality punkrocksongs and it's a joy to watch them on the stage as well. The new album is called 'The Storytailor' and if you like them you should give that album a listen. You can see them here:
More Bambix-info here: and here:

I think these bands are great and you should check them out, because they're all worth at least a listen. If you like it that's up to your own taste ofcourse..

I've also uploaded a lot of new videos on my channel on YouTube that's also called: hollandgirlie. Lots of cool and amazing metal, rock and punkbands to see live on there.

More bands and news to come soon.
And remember buying an album is supporting the band (in many ways)!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Concertreviews too, from now on

Is it unprofessional to write a blog and have a bandcrush (or several bandcrushes)?
Who cares, I'm not here especially to be objective, since this blog (and other pages) is to help the bands that I can and want to help and therefore my whole blog & co is my taste/opinion. You may like the same bands that I like or maybe not. But I like so many bands that you probably can find something of your taste as well. Maybe after a while I get more objective, since it's better to be honest and let the band learn and grow from your well-intentioned critisism than that they make the same 'mistake' again or delivering albums that all sound the same (although maybe a few bands can get away with that..).

But anyway, as you can see I started with an extra tab with concertreviews, since I thought that would be a nice extra for my site and since I visit lots if shows as a showaholic/concertaholic. 
And the first band I start with is Nuclear from Chile!

Nuclear at The Cave in Amsterdam, NL, 24/07/2014
I got to know this thrashmetalband from Chile through Twitter already quite a while ago and I did like their music from the start. So when this time they played at some reachable cities for me here in Europe, I definitely needed to go and see them live. Past thursday was the day. I went to Amsterdam to see Nuclear. This was also the first time I met the guys and it felt good that they had noticed and appreciated my support on twitter. You know that I help the bands that I like whenever I can, but this makes it really better, just the appreciation.
But okay back to the concert, unfortunately I missed the 2 supportbands, but I was on time to see the whole Nuclear-show from the start. 
The band started with the song 'Inner Hate,' that was released last year,
and from the first song the crowd went crazy. I think it was pretty full for the small bar that The Cave is. It's too small for a real circlepit or something but they sure had something going there in the front. 
Maybe they were already tired because these were the last few dates of the tour, but they didn't show it on stage. Small or big stage, it doesn't matter for these guys, they went fully for it and were eager to play more. I already knew I had to see more of this than one show and I already regretted that I couldn't make it earlier this year when they were also here in Europe. 
Sadistic method for crime, also a great song that had a good response, but in fact all songs did. Then near the end it was Asphyxia and Apatrida, that's officially one of my favourites now, what a song, already that start...after this you want an encore for sure. And yes there was a little 'encore', even if the place is too small to get off the stage and return, it was the cover 'Chaos is my life' from The Exploited. Great choice. That's also a big plus, loving metal and punk. No better thing than an open-minded musician that has great taste in music with no limitations to the 'genre' (as we like to call it). Well, that was the end of the show, damn, this left me only craving for more...

Inner hate
Criminal solicitation
Sadistic method for crime
Eleventh block
Architects of war
Chaos is my life

Here already one video with Asphyxia/Apatrida, more to follow:

Check my YouTube for more videos: