Friday, 8 August 2014

New albums out & more

In this post I wanted to bring some bands to your attention that had a album released recently (or a little bit longer) and also some longer existing bands that are simply worth your attention.

First Statues On Fire from Brazil: They released their album 'Phoenix' (English) a little while ago. They make great punkrock in mostly short and strong songs (Here you can get an idea how they sound: 
And you can get their album on black or red vinyl at: and check their FB-site as well

A band that  I had the pleasure to see many years ago, with the Satanic Surfers, is back together to play liveshows again. They're called The Almighty Trigger Happy and they're from Canada and I couldn't be more happier that they play together again. That tour from them with the Satanic Surfers brings back many good memories and I simply missed the guys that gave me such a great time and great music together with the Satanic Surfers ofcourse. Still two of my (many) favourite bands. Check the albums out on Soundcloud or read more about them on their FB-page:
They also have a campaign now to support the widow and son of their guitarist, Mark Gibson, that has unfortunately passed away. You can buy an awesome Trigger Happy t-shirt and at the same time help those people out.

Water Rats (from Brazil), released their (digital) EP already a long time ago but now they finally released a whole album, 'Ugly by nature' (English), with their old digital EP-songs included on it. They even have a 2-week USA-tour planned this month. So if you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas or near these cities be sure to check them out live. They are touring together with the band Lo-Fi. 
If you like them than you should consider buying the vinyl album and help them with touring this way as well. You can listen to the music here: and if you live outside Brazil than you can easily order the album with an e-mail to

Not so long ago a great Dutch 3-piece band, also released a new album. That band is Bambix. They've been around for years and they're still going strong. They make quality punkrocksongs and it's a joy to watch them on the stage as well. The new album is called 'The Storytailor' and if you like them you should give that album a listen. You can see them here:
More Bambix-info here: and here:

I think these bands are great and you should check them out, because they're all worth at least a listen. If you like it that's up to your own taste ofcourse..

I've also uploaded a lot of new videos on my channel on YouTube that's also called: hollandgirlie. Lots of cool and amazing metal, rock and punkbands to see live on there.

More bands and news to come soon.
And remember buying an album is supporting the band (in many ways)!

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