Sunday, 4 September 2016

Strung Out, and many like them, deserve more from you!

My apologies for the few that read my posts. I was very busy following my favourite bands around Europe. One of them is Strung Out. How they are not in big arenas yet is beyond me. I mean, look at their history; they exist 20+ years now and they are still bringing out awesome albums. Have you even listened to their latest album yet? Transmission.Alpha.Delta was a fucking amazing when I first heard and it still is. This is not an one killer and for the rest fillers, NO FUCKING WAY!=>This album is all killer!! So again, why they don't even get their headlining shows in little venues sold out is beyond me. This is quality punkrock with (yes again) killer riffs! Honestly I like little venues, but their shows should be sold out in 5 minutes, like all the 'big names'. If you like or even love this band, don't think: "Oh, I'll wait until next tour". No! Go now, they exist now, they tour now, you live now!
And with that many other bands deserve more people at their shows! I was at a show of The Decline just last week and besides the other bands that were there, they played for '2 man and a horsehead' as we say in the Netherlands. These bands with this quality of music and even more important, with this PASSION!; deserve your utter support all the way. You don't have to follow them around Europe or even the world, like I do with some bands, but as I said before and will keep on saying: buy the music, buy the merch. If you fail to do that, who knows how long they will go on making new music and do these great tours? It ends somewhere, it ends because life happens, people quit, people die, but don't let it stop because you are not truly supporting the band(s) you love! Just let that sink in and think about that for a while...Bands exist thanks to the support of their fans and thanks to the undying passion of musicians to do what they love...