Wednesday, 17 May 2017


You may agree or disagree with me on this one and that's fine. People disagree on so many things, that doesn't mean we can't talk or hangout anymore.That's your opinion and this is mine, simple as that. 
I think it's wrong you ask a band to pay to play as a supportband for your band. Why you ask?
Well, maybe because you were that band once. That band that wanted to be bigger, that band that wanted to get invited to play at big festivals and the big venues, that band that was on eberyone's lips once the new album was out...remember that, you were that band once! 
So, the only right thing to do in my eyes is that you bring a supportband on tour because you like them and you want to give them the opportunity that you maybe once had. The opportunity to play for a bigger audience, the opportunity to gain loads of new fans.
Isn't realistic of me and just a 'romantic' view, hmm maybe, but damn aren't we supposed to support eachother in the punk, rock, ska and metalfamily?? Aren't we? This is our scene and a big part of is even DIY, so please don't fuck eachother over, this way or in another way. You give the younger/new bands the opportunity you've had been given once too, you help eachother out. Why you say?...
Because we all have the same passion, the same DREAM.