Saturday, 1 November 2014

Back again with some cool bands!

Sorry for letting you wait, but here I am again, trying to write a new post.
So, this time again about some bands that I think you need to listen to.
And I'm not a professional writer and not good at cd-reviewing yet either, but still what I have to write should be fun to read and if you keep visiting my blog, I'll only keep writing more and show you new and also old bands that are definitely worth a listening. Some you may like, some not, but keep checking my blog and get to know some awesome bands.
And for a lot of tourdates you can watch all the concertpages. I try to put in what I can find of the bands that deserve your live attention at their shows!

Let's start with Slasher from Brazil, they released their album "Katharsis" this year. I had to privilege to witness live in person some of their recordings that they did at home. This is just their second album, but I already knew with their first album that they were making some pretty good modern thrashmetal. So as I said they recorded and released this album theirselves and they even had Tue Madsen to produce it. So it's still hard working, like being in a band simply is, but I believe these guys will do very well in the future. And keep your eyes open Europe, because they had to cancel their tour for this month (October 2014) yes, but they will return in 2015 for a tour. Check their site to get the album and other merch or find a link to just listen to the music (or both).

Now from thrash to punkrock. The Apers released their new album, Confetti on the floor, last week. (I haven't heard it yet honestly, but I hope t buy it soon at the releaseshow).
I'm sure that this june with the Travoltas, at Paradiso, wasn't the first time I saw them live, but my list of concerts is so long (at least 500 shows..festivals included, but it could be more) that I simply can't remember it. Anyway, I have to say they make very nice punkrocksongs and that you should give them a try right here:

Wow, just read some awesome news on internet 2 days ago!: Burning Heart Records is back!! They are the label that used have bands under their wings like Millencolin, Satanic Surfers, Refused, The Hives and many more. But they've been away for years. It would be awesome if they will get some new, awesome and timeless bands on the label again.

So, this was it for now, since I'm eager to put this new post out there, but I have lots of bands that I want to tell you about and I will do it asap. Hope you'll give the bands a listen and like them!