Sunday, 13 July 2014

Concerts, merch & streaming

Have you ever thought about the reason why you see more and more bands asking the bands to help them out with pledging/donating? For example they ask money to make a new album, to tour (so you can see them live), for a new van and that kind of things.
It seems like I repeat myself and probably I do yes, but just think about it.
You see more and more bands doing this because making music cost money (buy or maintain their instruments, hire a studio, record their music ideas), touring around the world to entertain you (and ofcourse themselves) well then you need a bus or car, gas, food, a sleeping place and ofcourse the planeticket if your touring country isn't near your country. 
That's why I put concerts on here too of so many bands as possible that I like and on my twitter too. That's also why I show songs of bands that I saw live on YouTube. Because I want to make them more known around the world, since they are good bands and nice people that deserve to have their dream(s) realized. 
So the bands/artist/musicians gain nothing if you stream it for free  or if you download illegally. Spotify or Deezer or something like that is already a big improvement since you pay a little for that (mostly) and you can get to know a lot new bands that you never even heard of (for a very low price). 
But the best way to make sure your bands keep on making music is:
buying the albums, t-shirts and other merchandise on bandcamp or iTunes (and similar sites where you can buy albums), the stores of the bands themselves online and at shows/concerts.
So I think I said enough times for a while that (making) music isn't for free, but think about it and you'll come to the conclusion that you are partially responsible if you expect new music and more shows of the bands and artists you want to see!

Monday, 7 July 2014


These days more and more bands need the help of their fans to make a new cd, buy a new van to tour or multiple other things.
Maybe you don't like it, but this is the future. Why? Because they hardly make money with their music anymore, since still a lot of people rather download music illegal than pay for the hard work the bands put in it.
Why do you think bands come with things like beer, wines and all other crazy merch/sidestuff? Because they need to make money first before they can make more music again for YOU! I don't say to go support bands and buy merch when you can for nothing..I know that making music and especially touring isn't cheap.
A lot of bands do a little tour in their vacation (if they can get the days off from their normal work that they do to make money for their families), and they are lucky to make it even. 
What keeps all these bands going? Why do they still keep making music? Because of their passion, their drive, the feeling that this thing called music gives us. 
So, realize that the surviving of the bands you like will (when you don't count fights and passing away of bandmembers in the whole thing) rely for a big part on you, the fan, too! 
Show your support!!