Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Save some vacationdays

Save some vacationdays, because there's a lot of awesome tours coming your way. E-very-where! Japan, Europe, US.

First off, Straightline will be playing 6 shows in Japan, starting today in 
Yokohama (on tuesday the 6th). These punkers, these thrashers, hell what does it even matter in whah category you want put the guys in, put them in the awesomebox then! Have you listened to the new album "Vanishing Values" yet? No? Then go to Bird Attack Records and get it there: www.birdattackradio.com/bands/14/straightline.

Talking about albums. Just past friday, June 2nd, the new album of  Authority Zero, 'Broadcasting to the nations' came out on Bird Attack Records. And what I've heard so far from it, is awesome. Just a few years I could hardly find the passion in the bands I saw. I don't know if I looked at the wrong bands over here or it was just me, my mood or whatever. But I see more passion and Authority Zero surely have that passion. And if you don't know them yet, it's high time you do! 
And let's hope they'll return to Europe soon!

Oh just saw yesterday something I've forgot over the past weeks => not only Straightline will be in Japan this week, but Ten Foot Pole as well. They've just released an album re-recorded songs and b-sides and rarities if I remember that correctly. Hoping there will be some new stuff in the future too, but we'll see. For now this is a good week for punkrockloving Japan. Go out and support Straightline and Ten Foot Pole if you can please. 

Europe will be very busy upcoming months, and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. This is what I love most about summer, seeing all the bands and friends that I love!


First up is Nuclear, they finally are back on European soil this month. This friday they start their European tour in Eernegem, BE. I can guarantee you, if you're into thrash, you will not get enough of them after you seen and heard them! Those riffs are amazing! Some bands you get hooked on after a first listen or first show. Nuclear is one of those bands.

Then it's up to my Aussies from the Decline. I'm happy they're already returning to Europe this month. I just saw them in August last year, but they can never return soon enough for me! These catloving punkers are just a few of the bands you need to see at least once this summer! 

Also a tour of Empty Lungs with support from one of my favourites, as you probably guessed by now, his name is Billy Liar
I saw him and his guitar for the first time at a festival in Rotterdam a few years ago and I never forgot this traveling troubadour. I don't know if it was his funny stories or his honest and direct lyrics. But I'm still thankful I got to see him that day. But anyway he tours through several countries in company of the Empty Lungs guys. No matter if it's punk, folkpunk, anti-folk, try something different if you've never visited a show like that. You might surprise yourself and like it!