Hogwash & The Decline at The Flaat in Naaldwijk, NL 24/07/2015
I got to know Hogwash when someone on Twitter told me to take a listen to the music of the punkband, called Hogwash. I did voilá: I was hooked. These guys from Paris make some fine punkrock. So when I saw they would be playing in my country (together with The Decline), well..ofcourse I had to be there no matter what! And I was.
When I got to this little city by train and bus (since there's no trainstation in Naaldwijk), it was just a little walk to the Flatertheek or Flaat as they say there.
I met the guys for the show and they were really nice.
So after waiting eagerly until Hogwash was about to start (and looking which merch I needed to buy after the show), it was finally the time to see them live with my own eyes. And wow, just wow, what an enthousiasm on stage. Even the most cranky persons would leave there with a smile on their faces. Flo and Rafik both sing and it is a delight to listen. This gives it a new touch to the punkrockscene..well to me it did at least this night. I might not know all their songs by heart yet, but I definitely have to learn all of them inside-out now!!
The Decline was playing after Hogwash and I honestly didn't know them that well, but you can bet I bought all the cd's of Hogwash and The Decline after the show! They made some fine tunes as well and I think the songs I heard so far of their new album are pretty good too. And with both bands you could definitely see the love for what they do. Having fun on the stage and on the floor before the stage as well. That's what being a musician is all about. Music is in your heart and soul and you spread it on the stage. To me, to them and lots of others it is life!

Atlas Losing Grip at Studio Gonz in Gouda, NL 15/02/2015
I was looking forward to this show and at the same time I was not. It would be different without Rodrigo Alfaro, so it was something new and to get used to. I'm sure it would turn out good, but something new always needs some adjustment. For them too ofcourse, but for me as well or even more than them. Like a friend of mine said: This is one of my favourite bands, what if it sucks when I hear it with the new singer? And she had a point there, what if it sucks? But I got there, was excited to see them after waiting in the cold to get inside. The supportbands Junkyard Safari and Harsh Realms were nice too. And then then was the big moment, ALG is going to play. I don't know what to expect I've never heard this man sing. Honestly it takes some time for me to get used to and I don't recognize all songs immediately (I guess I'm too close to the stage). This guy can sing, yes his tone of voice is totally different, but it's good and he interacts with the audience a lot more. So, this not makes Rodrigo any less, absolutely not, never, it's just different and new, but in a while we will not know any better then that this is Atlas Losing Grip and they're still awesome and with a new stageperformance with smoke and things too. If you're not into smoke and stuff, get passed that, because you would miss some great livemusic.

Nuclear at The Cave in Amsterdam, NL, 24/07/2014
I got to know this thrashmetalband from Chile through Twitter already quite a while ago and I did like their music from the start. So when this time they played at some reachable cities for me here in Europe, I definitely needed to go and see them live. Past thursday was the day. I went to Amsterdam to see Nuclear. This was also the first time I met the guys and it felt good that they had noticed and appreciated my support on twitter. You know that I help the bands that I like whenever I can, but this makes it really better, just the appreciation.
But okay back to the concert, unfortunately I missed the 2 supportbands, but I was on time to see the whole Nuclear-show from the start. 
The band started with the song 'Inner Hate,' that was released last year,
and from the first song the crowd went crazy. I think it was pretty full for the small bar that The Cave is. It's too small for a real circlepit or something but they sure had something going there in the front. 
Maybe they were already tired because these were the last few dates of the tour, but they didn't show it on stage. Small or big stage, it doesn't matter for these guys, they went fully for it and were eager to play more. I already knew I had to see more of this than one show and I already regretted that I couldn't make it earlier this year when they were also here in Europe. 
Sadistic method for crime, also a great song that had a good response, but in fact all songs did. Then near the end it was Asphyxia and Apatrida, that's officially one of my favourites now, what a song, already that start...after this you want an encore for sure. And yes there was a little 'encore', even if the place is too small to get off the stage and return, it was the cover 'Chaos is my life' from The Exploited. Great choice. That's also a big plus, loving metal and punk. No better thing than an open-minded musician that has great taste in music with no limitations to the 'genre' (as we like to call it). Well, that was the end of the show, damn, this left me only craving for more...

Inner hate
Criminal solicitation
Sadistic method for crime
Eleventh block
Architects of war
Chaos is my life

Here already one video with Asphyxia/Apatrida, more to follow:

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