Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cross your boundaries

What I'm trying to say is, cross your music boundaries. Don't be stuck in only metal, only punk or hardcore. There's so much worth a listen out there. For the most of us there will always be a 'genre' that you love more than others. But as I always say: I only have two genres: Good music and bad music. Or maybe better said: Music I like/love and music and don't like. I probably have written this before, but there is a difference between musicians that put their heart and soul in it and musicians that only wanted to make music for the money. I won't say you can't combine those things, but there is a difference. 
I, myself started as a metalkid, then after I was totally into hardcore for a long while and into punkrock as well. And rock was a favourite for a good while as well. Now I just listen to everything and it differs from day to day or even hour to hour. As you might have seen, I visit quite some concerts and that can be one day Red Fang, the next Bodyjar and then I just go to Six Feet Under or Satyricon the day after. As you see, I'm not stuck to one 'genre', simply because good music doesn't limits itself to a genre or language for that matter.

I hope you can take some time to listen to all or a few of the bands that I'm going to tell you about today. 

First off some great metal from Sweden from these guys that I found a few years back on twitter. That band is called Another Hell and they can make some brutal metal I can tell you that! they catched my attention and I liked their metal and attitude from the start.
Listen to the pre-releases from their upcoming album: "Trade of the apocalypse" on Soundcloud now.

I just got to know this band a few days ago, but I honestly can't stop listening to this debut-EP of the band called 'The Night'. It's kind of horrorpunkrock as you can say, I think (I don't know so much about them yet), but I'm almost sure that you won't be disappointed listening to this if you're into punkrock.

If you live outside Brazil (or Portugal) and language doesn't matter when you listen to music, than you should give this awesome punkrock'n'roll band called Anzol from Brazil a listen. They sing in Portuguese yes, but oh they have so much cool songs that stick in your head. I can play this over and over and still never get bored with it, because it's well written and you feel the raw passion.
So far there's only one EP out, but I heard from them that they're working on new stuff. 
Here on bandcamp you can listen to it and find a link to buy the album:

It's a long time back and unfortunately they don't exist anymore: Satanic Surfers. My ultimate punkrock love from Sweden. Sweden is really a country with an ashtonishing amount of good bands. From metal to punkrock, you can all find it. Here a concert from them:
If you want to enjoy Rodrigo's beautiful voice these days, you can buy the album ofcourse, but I advise you also to visit a show of the band where he's singing for now and that is: Atlas Losing Grip. They are amazing and their new album is about to be released soon. I honestly can't wait to hear it, Because their other albums are great too. Here you can hear their latest one:
Find them on FB:

Besides listening to music I also updated the concerts as much as I could, added more festivals (even for 2015) to the 'Festivals'-tab and also some things to the tab 'Contribute to bands and projects'. Check it out regurlarly, because there are a few things worth your donation or pledge (bands making new albums, t-shirts/merch and good causes). 


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