Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2016 better be ready! Much good stuff coming.

Oh damn, it's february already, that month went quick.
Unfortunately we ended 2015 and started 2016 with lots of bad news of great musicians that have died. Cancer gets everyone it seems, what a horrible disease. 
What this all tells us is that you should appreciate the time with the persons you love and that can be friends and family.
And that you should not wait with going to gigs of bands you like, since people die and bands quit every day. I still regret that I haven't seen Motörhead, David Bowie, Mötley Crüe or many other bands and musicians that I've wished I'd seen. But I know I'm so lucky and happy with all the stuff I did see live (and that's a LOT I can tell you, a lot). Will a lot of people think that I'm wasting my money, hmm maybe, but I live now, my life is now. I can wait until I can quit working when I'm 70 or so (because that's where we are heading), but why should I. I could die tomorrow, for all we know. I could die at 92 as my grandma as well, but you never know. I don't know what life has in store for me, but I'm sure to make it lots of fun with doing what I love most, going to shows and helping bands (even if it's just here and on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and wherever). Yes I could wear another shirt every day, because I bought so many shirts. But I do it for the love of that particular band and to support them as well. That one t-shirt may be the gas they need to get to the other concert or to get home. That cd you're buying might be the food they buy on the way. Or maybe it's to support their own families, because following your heart to do what you love, to do what you can't deny is running through your veins is not cheap or very wellpaid for most.
Support the bands you love, local, national and international, because they're hardworking people that get you through your days with their beautiful thoughts that has been put into music.

And there's some good stuff on the way live...woohoo..
Lagwagon is going to make the South American summer even hotter when they are visiting Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia at the end of this month together with Belvedere, Mute and Adrenalized.

Strung Out is going to tour Australia with Pears for a whole month in March. 
And in the summer they'll return to Europe to play the Brakrock Ecofest and lots more festivals I presume.

Slayer, is starting a long and stagewrecking tour with Carcass and Testament in the US at the end of this month as well.

Unfortunately Peter Pan Speedrock is quitting at the end of this year. But for now they are playing a lot of shows all over the Netherlands and I guess they will add a few shows over the Dutch border as well. Their last 2 shows are at November 25th and 26th at the Effenaar in Eindhoven, NL.

Also some quite nice festivals on the way:

With ofcourse Groezrock on April 29-30 in Belgium that will have their 25th anniversary. I think that's quite an achievement for a festival. Groezrock will be headlined by Rancid. Well, I surely have my ticket already! Also Sick of it all will be there to celebrate their 30th anniversary. And Face To Face, No Fun At All, Venerea, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Biohazard, Youth Of Today, Frank Turner will be there as well (and much more).

The line-up Jera On Air, in June in the Netherlands, is looking promising as well with Pennywise, Belvedere, H2O, Municipal Waste, Deez Nuts, Turnstile, August Burns Red and much more.

Punk Rock Holiday is looking awesome again, as, quite frankly, it does every year since I found out about this festival in Slovenia. The only problem you could have, is to get your vacation in the right month and that have saved up enough to visit this. But Even when I've never visited this festival myself (yet), I know it's worth it. Just look at this sweet line-up: 

NOFX, Descendents, No Fun At All, Strung Out, Authority Zero, Antillectual and more to come I'm sure.

More tournews and thoughts next time. I'll be quicker this time with more news and hopefully some interviews. 
But I update the concerts a bit more often than this hahaha. See you at a show soon.

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