Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tournews for Europe, US and AU/NZ.

First some European tournews:

Eminence arrived in Europe a week and a half ago to start their European tour. They have been to Europe a few times before, but there's a good chance you have missed them on the stage. Then now is your chance when they visit a couple of cities in Eastern Europe, Germany and the Netherlands.

Chaos Synopsis is on tour in Europe now as well and they're almost finished with their tour, but you can still catch them live in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy this week or hope they return to where you live soon.

The guys from Strung Out already took the plane to mainland Europe over two weeks. Unfortunately without their singer Jason, but luckily he joined them a few days later. This was a weird start of the tour, but maybe you've witnessed or even joined in on a fun karaoke night with the rest of the band on one of the first dates. Now they've already did some great shows on Jera On Air, in Luxembourg city, Paris, London and more. Versus The World also joined them halfway in Berlin, DE. I wish I could've seen them together on stage more than once this tour, but at least I'm seeing them one time this upcoming weekend. And I recommend you to go see them on one of the remaining dates here in Europe too or when they visit your country. (Versus The World will be on tour in Australia and New Zealand in August with Good Riddance).

Yes for the US are interesting tours on the way too. From september on I have some nice tours you shouldn't miss. And remember, with going to shows and buying merch you help the bands you love the most.

First up Aristocrats who started their 'Tres caballeros'-tour this week. This trio with Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minneman as their members give great and funny liveshows with great musicianship. If you watched these guys once, you will come back for more. This is a treat, especially for the guitarlovers out there.

After that it's time for Krisiun, they are joined by Origin, Aeon and more supportbands on the 'Devastation of the nation'-tour. It will start in Crest Hill/IL on september the 4th. They will play in North America the whole month of september and few dates in october too.

And then Marty Friedman. Your bucketlist isn't complete if you're a guitarplayer or -lover (yes again :) and haven't seen him at least play live once. He'll be on North American soil in september as well and will give you guys over there a good amount of shows. (yes, if you love a band/musician it can never be enough, but you know what I mean). 
Don't let this master at guitar pass by without you trying to get to a show.

Australia and New Zealand, I haven't forgotten you. 
Next month, in August, Good Riddance will come your way again and they'll bring Versus The World along. I know the VTW guys couldn't be more stoked for this tour than you guys out there! Give these guys a bit of your spare time while they're there! 

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