Thursday, 29 January 2015

This is going to be a good year!

So far this year seems to be a very good year musicwise. A week and a half ago the new Atlas Losing Grip album was released and last week John Coffey already had one of their releaseshows for their new album. And I'm looking forward to the new albums of Nuclear, Danko Jones, Strung Out, Anzol, Versus The World, Fuzi and Nerf Herder (and probably lots more that I forgot).

I'll start with an old band this time that you have to check if you don't know them yet. The name of the band is Ignite and they're from the US. I think I saw them for the first time on a festival many many years ago and I was addicted immediately. They play melodic harcore if you want to get an idea of the musicstyle. The album that got me into their music (besides the liveshows), was "Family"...such a great album. But what makes me love Ignite (and more bands too ofcourse, like for example the Satanic Surfers/Atlas Losing Grip with Rodrigo Alfaro), is the voice of Zoli. I fell in love with it, or whatever you want to call it. In my opinion it's an amazing voice. Let's hope the new album will be out soon!

Ofcourse I recommend to at least check the bands out that I highlight in my posts, but not everything might be your cup of tea ofcourse. That's fine, otherwise I could never get tickets for any show anymore, since everyone would love everything hahaha. Different tastes and different styles, the world would be boring if we would all love the same. Just love the music you love and the other music you don't like is not important, there are enough fans for that other stuff.

Then now I hope you want to check out Claustrofobia, a Brazilian metalband that plays a mix of death, thrash and hardcore. I heard their name before, but I just really started listening to their music recently. I should've started listening earlier hehe, but better late than never. The band started in 1996 in São Paulo and they're still playing together until now and in the meanwhile released 5 albums. They've already toured Brazil ofcourse and also been in Europe twice. In fact, that will be three times soon, because in april they will return to Europe.
So if they're playing in your neighbourhood or when you are prepared to travel a bit then check these guys out live!

Okay now back to punkrock again. 
I got to know these awesome dudes a few years ago when I visited the Groezrock-festival in Belgium. The band is called Versus The World, and from the Westcoast of the US. This is quality punkrock band with members from Lagwagon and the Ataris and more great musicians. Actually I didn't see them perform on that edition of Groezrock and I met them afterwards, but I wish I had seen them. If you haven't seen them in or near your hometown yet, don't worry, I'm sure you get the chance soon enough, since they go out touring somehwere every year I think, luckily!! And even better news, the new album Homesick/Roadsick will be out on april 7th.

Again, that were 3 bands worth to check out, as everything that I bring to your attention here. I will do my best to post some new and old bands, that you need to listen to, here asap.

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