Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Finally, the new addition to my YouTube channel

Remember, that I told you that I was going to add something new to my YouTube channel? Well, I didn't mean just some new videos that I made at shows, but something a bit different. 
So I've published it today and it is an interview with the band Nuclear from Santiago, Chile. 
It's not a professional thing (or not yet anyway haha), but just a DIY-thing done with my phone (although cutting the mistakes out in the editing program made the quality a bit less). 
But okay, this is just another way to help bands out with getting a bit more known to more people and hopefully you will like the bands I show you.
This is just the first interview of, what I hope, many more interviews. 
So just watch and enjoy!

And maybe you didn't notice yet, there are way more videos to watch at my channel. Back soon, with more music/bands right here! 

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