Thursday, 18 December 2014

Satanic Surfers! and new bands to check out!

First some very good news, the Satanic Surfers are back!!!!! Well at least they are for a show on the Resurrection Fest in Spain! I think it's about time I visit Spain, don't you think? But let's hope they do more than just one show!

Now I want to give you some new bands to listen to and maybe one or a few ones you didn't know yet.
I recently found a very nice punkband from Italy, called Alleyways. They have not one but 2 singers. Not something that's has never seen or done before, but that doesn't make it any less good. Just give it a try and take a listen to these awesome guys from Italy who just released their debutalbum a few months ago (september).

Now something completely different, stonerrock. Already a few months ago I got to know this band thanks to my Instagram and my big musicsource called Twitter (I found so many great bands there) and that band is called Crobot and they released their album Something Supernatural a while ago this year.
They're a bit crazy, as it should be, being normal is just so normal.
These guys make, this rock is good, got me hooked since the first time I listened to it. Absolutely no need to be high to listen to this band. 
Well, no, just open the page, fill your cd-player or get your vinylplayer and spin that awesome shit!

You can already listen to these bands while I get to think about a few more bands and find some time while travelling to write about it.
And think about this, every band is worth a listen, even if it turns out it's not your style or you simply don't like it. Broaden your musical horizon.

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