Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pre-order madness

When a band brings out a new album, then often you can order it in pre-order these days. I think that's a good way to get the true fans involved in it again. And the most bundles are pretty awesome too. That's just the way music is now: pre-ordering, crowdfunding and things like that to get to the fans. I've listed some very nice pre-order albums under this text. With everything from punk, hardcore to rock and metal. It's all different and you can find out one by one if you will like any of the bands, if you don't know them yet. But I wanted to write about some other things first so that this post isn't only a long list of pre-orders.

I think september is one of the months that you get bombarded with new albums. And maybe this is not so crazy, since the concertseason (indoors) really starts again this month. At least here in Europe it does. But on the other hand this is a bit weird too, because the music never stopped. It has been festival after festival this summer and the festivalseason has just ended (with some exceptions here and there).
So I think the fall here in Europe will start very good with tours this september/october with the metal of Slasher, Eminence and Cannibal Corpse and also the punkrock of  OFF!, Helmet and The Menzingers. 
After that in november/december more metal from Kreator (with Sodom, Arch Enemy and Vader) and Machine Head. 

In the USA/Canada region first the season will start with the punk of Authority Zero and MxPx and this fall will also be very good for the metal-lovers with tours of Carcass & Obituary (and also Exhumed), Crowbar (with Havok & Revocation) and Kataklysm & Suffocation (and also Jungle Rot). Furthermore Snot and also Drowning Pool have found their way to the stages again. And finally one you can't miss in my opinion is Slayer & Suicidal Tendencies, what a good line-up those two together!

South America will be visited this coming spring and summer by Toxic Holocaust, The Hives, No Fun At All, Within Temptation, Hatebreed, Queens of the Stone Age. So as you can see pretty filled last months of the year with awesome bands.

The new liveseason in Australia this summer will be filled with great bands and musicians like Sepultura, Joe Satriani, NOFX, Prong and InFlames & Trivium.

But that's just the top of the iceberg, there's so much going on these last months of 2014 in all kinds of countries and you can find all the dates I found of a lot of different, but good bands in the concertdates-pages.

Now you can find the new albums, that I think you should give a listen, and are coming out soon here:

New album 'Blackout' 

At The Gates
New album 'At war with reality' 
-pre-order US:
-pre-order EU and rest of the world: not yet

New album 'Something supernatural'

New album 'Blood mantra'
-pre-order EU:
-pre-order US:

Devin Williams
New album 'Destruction of kings'
-get it at:

New album 'Blood in, blood out'
-pre-order EU:
-pre-order US:

Joey Ramone
Re-issue 'Don't worry about me'
-pre-order here:

New album 'The ophidian trek'
-pre order EU:
-pre-order US:

New album 'The return'

New album 'Inked in blood'

Scar Symmertry
New album 'The singularity'
-pre-order EU:
-pre-order US:

Sick Of It All
New album 'Last act of defiance' 

Suicide Silence
New album 'You can't stop me'
-get it at:

Awesome albums that already out (for a while), but still are worth your attention (and orders):

Album 'The Storytailor'
-get it at:

Album 'Role model'
-get it at:

Album 'EPic'
-get it at:

Album 'The Stalker'
-get it at:

Every Time I Die
Album 'From parts unknown'
-get it at EU-store:
-get it at US-store:

Gemini Syndrome
Album 'Lux'
-get it at:

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Album 'Are we not men? We are diva!
-get it at:

Rise Against
Album 'The black market'
-get it at:

Album 'Katharsis'
-get it at:

Statues Of Fire
Album 'Phoenix'
-get it at:

Water Rats
Album 'Ugly by nature' 
-get it at:

Winchester Rebels
Album 'Warrior'
-get it at:

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